Wellspring Bilingual Secondary School

Under the system of Wellspring International Bilingual School, the Middle School training program is inherited and developed from the Elementary School training program. Continuing with the Elementary Program, the Middle  program is  a “solid foundation” for the students to participate actively in the High School level that follows. Therefore, one of the advantages of Wellspring’s students is to have a clear and personalized study pathway from Elementary to High School level.

Educational objectives

Language competency: Students will be able to use English fluently in all four skills: Listening - Speaking - Reading - Writing in an international environment. Upon the completion of the Middle School program, students will be able to achieve a minimum level of English B1 to level C1 in the Common European Framework for Reference for Languages (CEFR), depending on their starting English level in grade 6.

Academic background: Students will have a solid academic background following the Ministry of Education and Training’s curriculum framework and knowledge following the United States’ Common Core Standards (K12).

21st century skills: Students will be able to practice and develop the following skills: communication, cooperation, critical thinking, problem solving.

Global citizenship qualifications: Each student will be able to be aware of his/her own responsibilities to the community and society as well as their roles in the globalized world.

Key features

Comprehensiveness: The overall curriculum is consisted of three components, namely the International Program, the Vietnam’s Program and the Comprehensive Development Program to create favorable conditions for students to have an optimal development. 

Personalization: three curricula at Middle School: American Bilingual (AB), American Bilingual Advanced English (AD), and American Bilingual Math - Technology (MT), which are suitable for students’ individual capability and different academic tendencies.
Flexibility: The content of the international program is designed to contain up to 50% of the total education program of the middle school level, helping students to confidently transfer flexibly into comparable international environments.
Inheritance and interconnection to Wellspring High School: The Education program at the Middle school level inherits the academic foundation and students’ English language competencies developed at the Elementary level; continues to be improved at the Middle school level. Upon the completion of the program, students could choose different study pathways at Wellspring High School: Bilingual American program, American International program, America-Vietnam dual degree program.
The academic excellence is assured with a strict quality assurance process and is implemented by teachers with appropriate pedagogical capability and professional qualifications, who are constantly trained. Along with a professionally capable teacher team, Wellspring Middle School is proud of its state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring the effective implementation of students' learning activities.

Educational programs

The American Bilingual Program (AB) is for all students, including those with basic English language skills, aiming at  Bilingual, Dual degree and International High School programs.
American Bilingual Advanced English (AD) is for  students with good English language competencies, with tendencies in social sciences, aiming at Dual Degree or International High School programs.
American Bilingual Mathematics Technology (MT) is for students with good English language competencies, with tendencies in mathematics and natural sciences, aiming at Vietnam - American Dual Degree or International High School programs.

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