About Wellspring

Officially in operation since the 2011 - 2012 school year, Wellspring International Bilingual School belongs to the school system run by S.S.G Education Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (under S.S.G Group) ) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Wellspring Hanoi is proud to be the first inter-level bilingual school in Vietnam to be recognized as a standard Cambridge school by Cambridge Assessment International Education for all three levels of education (elementary, middle, and high school). Wellspring is also the first school in Vietnam to be licensed to implement the high school program of the University of Missouri High School (MUHigh), which is administered by the University of Missouri - one of the top 100 US universities since 2014.

Trường PTSNLC Wellspring có lộ trình đào tạo liên thông từ Tiểu học Song ngữ, THCS Song ngữ đến THPT Song ngữ, THPT Quốc tế Mỹ Song bằng và THPT Quốc tế Mỹ.

Why should you choose Wellspring?

  • An environment of creative passion

Wellspring was the only school to be awarded the title "Innovative School" in the 2019-2020 academic year at the Education Exchange Forum Vietnam - E2, which was organized by the Ministry of Education and Training in association with Microsoft Vietnam.

Our curriculum is always renewed and creatively updated by a team of passionate and innovative educators and teachers. Our teachers are continuously trained in domestic and foreign courses in order to build programs that open many opportunities for students to participate creatively, such as: Vietnamese program with various changes in teaching and learning methods, International and Information Technology programs based on US standards, STEM & Robotics programs, etc.

  • An environment for the optimal development and essential capabilities of the students

Our study pathways and subjects are optimally designed for both Vietnamese and International programs with the goal of developing real competencies for students. At the same time, we provide students with an optimal variety of choices for the next grade level that is customized to their abilities, interests, and dreams. Our faculty members are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and professionally qualified to always accompany students in their learning and development journey.
  • A humanistic and sustainable environment

Wellspring is a school that values Respect - Positivity - Inspiration - Justice - Love - Sharing where students have the best conditions to learn, experience, become useful and happy people. All academic and comprehensive development programs, as well as school policies, are also designed and built on the principle of long-term and sustainable development of those values.
  • A comprehensive development environment

Faced with the requirements of the 4.0 era and the trend of globalization, Wellspring is proud to be a school that integrates all the educational programs and comprehensive development environments necessary for students (from knowledge, ability to think independently to building personality and emotions).

- Study programs with modern facilities, innovative teaching and learning methods

- Plentiful and diverse extracurricular activities

- A dynamic and advanced sports program in association with international professional coaches.

- The homeroom work always closely follows the development journey of each student, connecting the School and Parents in the effective teaching of students.

- The learning environment provides care in terms of nutrition, health care, high-quality shuttle, semi-boarding, and boarding services.

  • An international-standard school

Wellspring is the first inter-level bilingual school in Vietnam to be officially and directly recognized as a Cambridge school (school Code: VN229) for all three school levels by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) in February 2012. We are also the first school in Vietnam to be licensed to implement the high school program of the University of Missouri High School (MUHigh), which is administered by the University of Missouri - one of the top 100 US universities.

Wellspring is an authorized testing center of the Cambridge English Language Assessment- CELA (center code: VN550) and one of the IELTS testing locations in the framework of cooperation with IDP Education Vietnam.

Wellspring is a member of the Educational Record Bureau- ERB (member code 570377) and College Board (member code 698099)  with U.S. standardized tests such as PSAT, SAT, AP, CTP held on campus.


About S.S.G Group

S.S.G Group was established on October 24, 2003, with 24 subsidiaries operating mainly in the fields of real estate investment business; finance; education investment and development; exploration, mining, and mineral processing; renewable energy, and some other fields such as design consulting; interior decoration and manufacturing; M&E, etc.
Up to now, S.S.G Group is known as one of the leading corporations in the real estate investment business with a strong economic potential in Vietnam. On its growth trajectory, S.S.G has been continuing to affirm its sustainable development in all areas and investment projects. Key projects with outstanding scale invested by S.S.G (Slide images of large projects: Saigon Pearl, Thao Dien Pearl, My Dinh Pearl, Saigon Airport Plaza).

One of the most enthusiastic areas of S.S.G business is to invest in developing international-standard education for Vietnamese students right in Vietnam with the system of Wellspring International Bilingual Schools in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This contributes to training future generations of students who are fully capable of global integration but still understand and preserve the values of Vietnamese society and will return to work in Vietnam to actively contribute to building a modern, prosperous, beautiful, and sustainable country.

See more information about S.S.G Group on www.ssggroup.com.vn.