Wellspring Bilingual Primary School

What is the most important thing for a child to start his/her elementary level – the first level, creating the foundation for a happy learning and growing journey? That can only be love, excitement, motivation, and opportunities to explore, experience and develop proactively and actively in a safe and respective environment. That is also what Wellspring Elementary School aims for the students.

Educational objectives

In order to have the knowledgeable, autonomous, confident and passionate youth, Wellspring developed a well-rounded curriculum spanning all three aspects: Intellectual, Mental &  Physical Strength.

Key features

Vietnamese Curriculum: The curriculum meets the standards of The Ministry of Education and Training, and is optimized and enhanced with real-life applications and interdisciplinary projects. Active teaching and learning methodologies are combined with information technology to improve the learning outcomes  and autonomy of each and every student.

American International Curriculum: The curriculum is developed adopting the United States’ Common Core with the most updated materials and students spend 80% of the time studying with qualified and experienced native teachers. Study pathway is designed based on students’ English levels. Students have chances to prepare for and take international standardized English exams by Educational Testing Service (ETS - US) and Cambridge English.

Comprehensive Development Program: With Music, Art, Sports and Skill Practices, together with 30 theme-based clubs, students have chances to express themselves as well as develop their social skills and stimulate their inspiration to contribute to the community.

Study pathway