Dream It Possible with Wellspring

“Although every school year is a well-known journey, there is something miraculous and wonderful in common that both I and all the teachers and students in Wellspring feel strongly inspired from within ourselves when each new school year begins. That is this year there will be new things to do, new learning needs to be done, new innovations to be made, new ideas to be experimented and explored in order to continue nurturing and promoting their passion and inspiring their creativity to life?”

This is a quotation from Ms. Le Tue Minh, Head of Wellspring Hanoi International Bilingual School’s speech on the opening ceremony of the school year 2018-2019.
For the first time, I attended a grand opening ceremony as an officer at the school. It made me feel very proud and honored to be a member of Wellspring High School as well as Wellspring International Bilingual School.

When I was 10, my dream was to become an English teacher so I could stand in front of my beloved students and teach my favorite subject, English. However, I started my job with an administration position in a petroleum company.

After a few years of working and changing some companies, including some in the education field, I finally touched my dream. You might think that I am now an English teacher. But no and it did not matter. In spite of not standing in front of many students and teaching them directly in the class, I could still work in international and professional educational environment as an admin staff. I had much opportunity to work with teachers and students days by days, both native English and Vietnamese, one of the best ways to improve my English skills. And Wellspring International Bilingual School did bring all those chances to me!

My very first impression when I came to the international office was many quotation posters quoted about teaching life, normal, character or manner of human, or simply how to say a greeting. For example: “The best teachers teach from the heart not from the book.”

Furthermore, we spend a small part of the room for making coffee or tea. Do you know how important drinking coffee in the morning is? It feels like you can take a deep breath with the smell of coffee so you can wake up a whole day and have energetic power in spite of staying up late for working or counting sheep last whole night.

“The harder you work, the more luck you have.”
Do you know? I have come to the truth that in order to do the big and important things, let me begin the jobs with the small and simple things but bring the great value.

“People value you at the value you see in yourself.”

My initial task on my first days in High School International Department was that surprisingly to rearrange the furniture of working space. I myself was so excited that I could try my best to make this task done as soon as possible.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

You are worrying that I did this task alone? Oh no. Remember that whatever you are a newcomer or not, you always have your colleagues’ support. With the help of the school management board and office colleagues about working experiences, various ideas and useful feedback, I was able to draw the map and make a plan for office rearrangement quickly.
Teachers and officers spend most of the daytime at the workplace. So that I think the working space has some remarkable priorities such as profession, cozy and peace to make them feel comfortable as well as effective and creative in their teaching jobs.

“Have a great day at work today.”

In my opinion, 8-hour working at the office is like staying at the second home. If you feel comfortable, cosy, friendly, hard-working and good results, you seem to be at your own home, living with your family, having the delicious meal and sharing a lot of daily stories.
You will definitely agree with me!

– Ms. Pham Ngoc Phuong, International Department, Wellspring High School


It is for certain that one of the most expected events of the year is surely the Wellspring Project Week – when all the students of the school put aside their differences in grades to join up in a single union to enjoy such phenomena. Year after year, Wellspring has never let their students down with its seemingly diligent and festive Project Weeks. Even after 7 years of operating, the immense amount of effort and support the school has received from the students has only gotten larger every year – undeniably making Project Week a must-have and a must-experience tradition. Read more…

TEDWIS Compassion – TEDWIS’ two years anniversary

The past weekend was very special for WISHers as it marked TEDWIS’ second anniversary. Of course, to celebrate its birthday, TEDWIS Compassion was slightly different from the other TEDWIS events. Once again, we, Passion Ambassadors, would like to take you back to the morning of November 11th. Read more…

The Carnival Of “WISHers’ Souls”

As fall arrives, one of the holidays everyone is excited for is Halloween. Here at Wellspring, on the 31st of October, students get to attend special events organized and hosted by Wellspring’s Ambassadors and Student’s Council to celebrate this holiday. As members of the Ambassadors, we would like to take you back to the events of that day through our Passion Recap. Read more…


Despite the furious storm that arrived at Hanoi on Saturday the 16th of September, students, teachers and parents persisted on going to our first TEDwis event of the school year, coincidentally with the topic Persistence. Allow us, Passion Ambassadors, to bring you back to the event a few days ago. Read more…

Ring the Golden Moon

On 28th of September 2017, a game show for sixth graders named “Ring the Golden Moon” was organized by Wellspring’s International Department and Wellspring Ambassadors. This is an interesting extracurricular activity that is held by teachers from International department on the occasion of Full Moon Festival with the aim of providing students with more knowledge about this traditional event as well as a high spirit after stressful lessons. Read more…

Wellspring Opening Ceremony Speech by WISHers Do Hoang My

Greetings Ladies and Gentlements, Parents, along with my beloved Wellspring teachers and friends,

My name is Đỗ Hoàng My, student of class 12D1, from Wellspring High School. First of all, I’d like to express my sincere appreciation towards the Board of School Managers and teachers at Wellspring who, had not only granted me the worthy Talent Scholarship, but also the chance to stand on this stage and share a few words with you all. On this same stage at the Opening Ceremony of 5 school years ago, I was as well had the honor to receive the Placement Test Scholarship from the School Principal. Read more…

Wellspring Opening Ceremony Speech – New School Year 2017-2018

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear all distinguished guests, all teachers, parents and all beloved students,

               By this occasion of the opening ceremony of the new School Year 2017-2018, Mr.Dinh Ngoc Ninh – CEO of SSG GROUP, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SSG EDUCATION has sent a message, from the point of view of the founder and leader of one of the leading biggest enterprise in Vietnam. He has strongly insisted, encouraged, supported with the optimum conditions and resources for WELLSPRING to continue building an education environment and program with creativity and continued updates from the leading countries in education, an education in a close connection with the social needs, the advanced industries and businesses in order that Wellspring students will become a pioneer generations in Vietnam to catch up with the Industry 4.0 in a globalization and to build the Vietnam country with happiness, prosperity and sustainable development. Read more…

Ambassadors in the Spotlight

“Ambassadors in the Spotlight” is an annual event organized specifically for Wellspring Ambassadors in the beginning of every school year to welcome the new crew and more importantly, for potential Vice Chief and Chief candidates of IAWIS to prove they are worthy of their desired roles. Read more…

STEM Club – Inspiration English CampCamp 2017

Today is the first day of the Inspiration English Camp and also the first day of the STEM club. Mr. Nam and Ms. Len gave a lot of information about promising experiments that the campers will get to do in the future.  You could just see how excited they were when they all raised their hands to answer the teachers’ questions. After listening to the teachers, we went outside to do today’s experiments. Read more…

Stepup2themic – Through the eye of a performer

“I am a performer in the Stepup2themic – English Speaking and Presentation Contest”. This idea of joining the contest was so strange to my mind that it still seems odd just thinking about it. I was supposed to be an ambassador helper in the show, but I decided that this year, I wanted to do something different, so I got into the audition with my class. Soon, I realized that my class got into the finale. The finale came after that day not too long, and I was a competitor, going alongside the best performances of the school. Read more…

Hanoi Tet Tour 2017

On Wednesday January 18th, we had really good time and experience with each other and 2 new foreign friends from England. We visited some nice places in Hanoi and introduced them to the 2 UK friends. Read more…

Survival challenge: Wellspring Hunger Games season 1 – My amazing experience

I am an introvert person, and I always nestle in my shell. Most of the time, I only care about studying and forget that to live is to experience and to challenge myself to become a better person. At the weekend, I usually find myself staying at home with a bunch of homework. I barely have time to go for a walk, to socialize or to explore new things around me. Deep down inside, I acknowledged that not only that I want to become an excellent student, but I also want to develop my soft skills as well… Perhaps, the survival challenge – Wellspring Hunger Game has given me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and see the world, see the new me. As for me, this would forever be memorable days. This game has really brought us, WISHers together; brought us laughters and amusement. This was truly a wonderful remark in every student… Read more…

Cuộc gặp gỡ thú vị với một doanh nhân thành đạt

Ngày 5/1/2017 vừa qua, trường Phổ thông Song ngữ Liên cấp Wellspring đã vinh dự đón thầy John Dohrmann, một doanh nhân và thầy giáo môn Kinh doanh tại Trường Nội trú EF tại thành phố New York, Mỹ. Đến với trường Wellspring, thầy đã có một buổi trò chuyện thú vị với các bạn học sinh đến từ khối IGCSE và lớp 12D1 với chủ đề start-up (Khởi nghiệp). Read more…

Nhật ký tuần Dự án

To begin the project week, Thursday morning, the 22th of December, Wellspring International Bilingual School has organized the career orientation for students from grade 9 to 12. Read more…

Wellspring Hunger Games season 1 – A survival challenge: My amazing experience

I am an introvert person, and I always nestle in my shell. Most of the time, I only care about studying and forget that to live is to experience and to challenge myself to become a better person. At the weekend, I usually find myself staying at home with a bunch of homework. I barely have time to go for a walk, to socialize or to explore new things around me. Deep down inside, I acknowledged that not only that I want to become an excellent student, but I also want to develop my soft skills as well…Perhaps, the survival challenge – Wellspring Hunger Game has given me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and see the world, see the new me. As for me, this would forever be memorable days. This game has really brought us, WISHERS together; brought us laughters and amusement. This was truly a wonderful remark in every student…
Read more…

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When you add a new citation to a document, you also create a new source that will appear in the bibliography. Read more…

Election morning at American Center

On the morning of November 9, we the students of the MU program arrived at the American Center to participate in a mock American election. Decorated in red, white, and blue, the center was bustling with students learning how the US election works and others eagerly waiting for the result of the real election. We voted in the mock-election, discover interesting facts about the American presidency, and followed the real election on CNN! Read more…

Special Teachers’ Day in Wellspring

Teachers have always been torch-wielders who ignite the passion of learning in each student. Because of that, other than our parents, our teachers are the people who deserve great respect and gratitude. On Thursday, the 18th of November, the students of Wellspring International School had a chance to express their gratefulness toward their teachers in the Vietnamese Teachers day celebration which was organized by the International Ambassadors (IAWIS) and the Student Council (SC). Read more…

Diary of a TED-WIS speaker

To decide the topic question based on the topic word was quite hard for me. I thought really much about it and finally, I chose to talk about my grandmother. Read more…

Car wash- The first mission

Last Saturday (Sep 17, 2016), the Ambassadors had a car and motorbike wash – the very first mission in the school year 2016-2017 in order to raise funds for charity. To us – the Ambassador members, that was the day that we can never forget. Read more…

Halloween in Wellspring

On Halloween, things started changing drastically. The weather was suddenly cold and spooky, which really fitted the Halloween’s atmosphere.In this time of every year, WISers start wearing their hideous costumes to school and celebrate a unique festival: Halloween. Read more…




COOL Contest – the annual essay contest for Wellspring students – is organized in an effort to inspire and motivate students to think and act with creativity in their own life and future plan by witnessing their own parents, teachers, friends and surrounding environment doing creative work. Read more…

An unexpectable visit from the future

On Thursday afternoon, 15/9, Wellspring High School students had an interactive meeting with Ms Paulina Bula, the Assistant Director of the International Admission from Marrimack College in the United States of America. In over 40 minutes of conversation, the students have gained more knowledge on how to apply for universities in the USA in general, especially for Marrimack College. Read more…

Taste of Hanoi

On 21st October, our group -“ Pink squad” has 7 members: Quynh Vy- leader, Phuong Thao, Thuc San, Phuong, Thanh, Bao Long, Khai , Nguyen Trong and two supervisors: Quynh Anh, Phuong had a tour around old quarter in the central of Hanoi. We had 3 tourists are Mr. Roger, Mr Loren’s mother and his sister. Let’s join our tour!  Read more…

English – Persuasive essay Topic: Education stifles creativity – Against

Nowadays, when technology has reached to a high level, some parents may worry that their children are relying too much on electronic devices and internet websites and not thinking out of the box when it comes to solving problems. So does education help children grow their creativities as their parents’ expectations, or does it affects us in an opposite way? When the question “Is creativity suppressed by education and knowledge?” is given, the result is 75% of the people who answered showed their point of view as education is a helpful tool for all generations to be a critical thinker(Anonymous, n.d.). So education doesn’t stifle creativity, instead, it actually increases it because it helps us to improve our knowledge, helps our brains to be active and develops our skills to let us become critical thinkers. Read more…

Four hours around Ha Noi: So strange and so perfect

It was a beautiful morning when us – Ha Noi Holic team members and our honored tourist Ms. Rachel had a memorable tour around Ha Noi Old Quarter. We have had discovered a plethora of knowledge and experiences and all of them were interested us. All the places that we have been to were spectacular and brought us a remarkable memory.

Hanoi is a thousand years old city with a lot of ancient and historical iconic monuments. The first place we went to in our tour was a famous spiritual place named Bach Ma temple. It was built in the ninth century to adore Long Do god. The most impressive thing that we could observe was the sophisticated architecture. The way the statues and building were designed gave us some idea about the old-time culture of Vietnam a thousand years ago. Moreover, the historical story behind the construction of the temple also impresses our minds. 


Come and see Bach Ma Temple (by: Minh Anh 10B1)

After Bach Ma temple, we went to visit an ancient house with a typical architecture and household arrangement of Hanoi in the last century. The ancient house located in No.87 Ma May street. The architecture of the house is much more different than nowadays houses. It only contains two floors with a lot of skylights to bring light and air inside the house since there was no electricity at that time. We were also interested in how old-generations applied spiritual belief and our culture to their house architecture. 


Visit Ancient House on Ma May Street (by: Minh Anh 10B1)

After visiting the historical places, we went try Hanoi traditional food. We drank sugarcane juice; the cool light sweet drink brought us a wonderful feeling of autumn in Hanoi. Then we ate Bun Cha, a famous traditional food that every person in Hanoi knows. It included rice noodle, barbeque pork and its own unique sauce. 


Eating “Bun cha” with Ms. Roger (by: Minh Anh 10B1)

We left the Old Quarter and finish our trip in happiness. We have learnt a plethora of knowledge and gained lots of wonderful experiences about Hanoi and its distinct traditions.

Hanoi Holic

The most memorable day in our life

Our group had a Hanoi tour on the 21st of October. In that morning, grade 10 lined up at the school yard, all students and teachers were ready for the trip. The teachers gave us some of theWellspring’s ribbons. At 8 am, we got on the buses, went straight to the Ly Thai To statue near Hoan Kiem Lake. Subsequently, we took a group photo. Then, all groups splitted out to get tourists. Read more…

Belive in yourseff

Con là Đặng Minh Hạnh ở lớp 10B3 và hôm nay cảm thấy rất vinh dự được gửi gắm tới các bạn học sinh mới của Wellspring những lời chúc và lời khuyên để giúp các bạn trong năm học mới. Read more…

A day of WISHers at an Australian High school

In July, the two WISHers, Ngo Hai An and Dinh Quang Nghi, were chosen to participate in an “Exchange” program with John Paul College High school, one of the biggest private school of Queensland. Let’s see how they spent a day as Australian students.

Read more…

Goodbye “Learn my way 2016” summer camp

A new school year is about to start, putting an end to an eventful summer. Learn my way 2016 summer camp at Wellspring International Billingual school has officially ended after 5 weeks full of activities.

Students and teachers have had a memorable summer session filled with laughter and nostalgia after 5 weeks full of interesting activities.

Read more…

Useful Field Trip: Being interviewers

On a beautiful day, we, the teachers of the international department, had a very useful field trip with students from the diary of life club. Our role was to become interviewers.  

At 8. 00 in the morning, I was rushing with my bread in my hand, and I was so surprised that the students of the summer camp “Learn My Way” looked so alert and ready on such a scorching hot Friday. It seemed that the temperature was up to 36 degrees Celsius in the summer making all of them feel more excited about the trip around the West Lake. The goal of this trip was to find and interview foreign visitors in Vietnam about global issues.  Read more…