It is for certain that one of the most expected events of the year is surely the Wellspring Project Week – when all the students of the school put aside their differences in grades to join up in a single union to enjoy such phenomena. Year after year, Wellspring has never let their students down with its seemingly diligent and festive Project Weeks. Even after 7 years of operating, the immense amount of effort and support the school has received from the students has only gotten larger every year – undeniably making Project Week a must-have and a must-experience tradition.


To comply with the overwhelming demand from its pupils, for 2018th Project Week, Wellspring has brought to life an existence no one “Expecto Potrum”-ed – a Harry Potter themed fiesta. This year, truly, Wellspring has soared through on its magical broom stick and brought us Hogwarts – an immersive experience only a true wiser-d could have wished for. Creative games such as egg dropping or potion brewing, really did bring out the hidden wiser-d in all of us. With such concept of merging science and fiction, HogWarts (Project week) has completely erased the boundaries between real life and fantasy.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 9.18.49 AM

Being the most unique of themes to have ever been carried out during Project Week, HogWarts has proved itself to be not only a worthy successor to its memorable predecessors, but also a leading example for the procreation between immense creativity and impassioned work put into a single event. Though it is not certain that this will remain to be one of the best events to occur at Wellspring, but it is outmost definite that the tradition of Project Week shall carry on burning brightly – never to extinguish within the hearts of the WISHers.


ĐINH QUANG NGHỊ – Wellspring Ambassadors