Stepup2themic – Through the eye of a performer

“I am a performer in the Stepup2themic – English Speaking and Presentation Contest”. This idea of joining the contest was so strange to my mind that it still seems odd just thinking about it. I was supposed to be an ambassador helper in the show, but I decided that this year, I wanted to do something different, so I got into the audition with my class. Soon, I realized that my class got into the finale. The finale came after that day not too long, and I was a competitor, going alongside the best performances of the school.


The Stepup2themic’s stage is held in the B6 hall. I got to B6 building quite late, so I had to squeeze through the suffocating crowd to get to my seat. Suddenly, the crowd got quiet, and when I looked onto the stage, I saw the two MCs of the show, Ha Phuong and Hoang Minh opening the show with a student-intern performance. Class 9A4 brought an exciting atmosphere to the B6 hall with a well-organized dance performance. After that, the students seemed to be pulling on stage the Interns. The interns have enhanced the excitement by providing the crowd with catchy music, and amazing choreography.


Dancing performance _ 9A4


Dancing performance from the intern teachers

That was when I realized that the show did not officially start yet, since the interns and the 9A4 students were only guest performers and so I was quite afraid that the competitors will be a huge challenge. I was already getting hyped up because of the two first performances, and I was waiting eagerly for the next performances, leading to my class’s performance in the end. After the Intern’s dance, the crowd was greeted with Titanium, a song by the famous DJ David Guetta featuring Sia, performed by a group of students from class 8A4. This performance was exceptional piece of art, and it brought 8A4 the first prize of the Secondary school. Good show!


Titanium _ Grade 8 students


Fast forward, Dinh Son from 10AD went on stage, but rather than sing or dance, he decided to be different and change the story “The Little Red Riding Hood” into a funny, and it brought an another meaning to the story. Dinh Son also got help from the 10AD boys as there was a play happening alongside the storytelling by Son. The audience loved the story, and it brought laughter to the crowd. Because of this, the play received the second prize!


The little Red riding hood _ Stoty telling_ Nguyen Dinh Son 10AD

Next, there were a lot of classes performing, and all of them performed hit songs, making the crowd eager for more performances. At this part of the show, I felt so worried, since my performance was coming fast. So, when there was only one performance left before 10AD – Villagers’s performance, I got to the stage side, and I started getting ready for the show. To be honest, the feeling of being on stage was not that bad, since there were lights everywhere, making it hard to see the audience. It seemed like I was only singing in a dark, empty room. I sang, danced, and bowed afterwards, and more importantly, I had fun performing.


Lalaland Performance_ The villagers 10AD


 THE MOMENT OF EXCITEMENT! This was when the judges finished their grading. The crowd soon went as quiet as the wind, and everyone was looking at Alice – Vice Chief Ambassador and Hoang My – Student Council President as they went on the stage to announce the prizes. I sat there with my class, fists clenched together to hope. Consolation prizes… There was not our performances… Third Prizes… still not ours… Then, after the second prizes, I realized that I… won. We won. That feeling of happiness will never leave my body, and right now, while writing this article, I am also feeling the excitement.


Overall, Stepup2themic this year was special, since it was the first one that I was in the IAWIS (but I was not helping) and it was the year my class got a prize. I give my greatest thanks to the judges, and the Secondary International Department –  who did their greatest to choose between the performances in order to find the best and organized this event. More to that, I have to thank the Ambassadors, who organized the show, made games for the audience, led the show, and made Stepup2themic 2017 such an amazing event!

Nguyễn Minh Vũ – 10AD