Four hours around Ha Noi: So strange and so perfect

It was a beautiful morning when us – Ha Noi Holic team members and our honored tourist Ms. Rachel had a memorable tour around Ha Noi Old Quarter. We have had discovered a plethora of knowledge and experiences and all of them were interested us. All the places that we have been to were spectacular and brought us a remarkable memory.

Hanoi is a thousand years old city with a lot of ancient and historical iconic monuments. The first place we went to in our tour was a famous spiritual place named Bach Ma temple. It was built in the ninth century to adore Long Do god. The most impressive thing that we could observe was the sophisticated architecture. The way the statues and building were designed gave us some idea about the old-time culture of Vietnam a thousand years ago. Moreover, the historical story behind the construction of the temple also impresses our minds. 


Come and see Bach Ma Temple (by: Minh Anh 10B1)

After Bach Ma temple, we went to visit an ancient house with a typical architecture and household arrangement of Hanoi in the last century. The ancient house located in No.87 Ma May street. The architecture of the house is much more different than nowadays houses. It only contains two floors with a lot of skylights to bring light and air inside the house since there was no electricity at that time. We were also interested in how old-generations applied spiritual belief and our culture to their house architecture. 


Visit Ancient House on Ma May Street (by: Minh Anh 10B1)

After visiting the historical places, we went try Hanoi traditional food. We drank sugarcane juice; the cool light sweet drink brought us a wonderful feeling of autumn in Hanoi. Then we ate Bun Cha, a famous traditional food that every person in Hanoi knows. It included rice noodle, barbeque pork and its own unique sauce. 


Eating “Bun cha” with Ms. Roger (by: Minh Anh 10B1)

We left the Old Quarter and finish our trip in happiness. We have learnt a plethora of knowledge and gained lots of wonderful experiences about Hanoi and its distinct traditions.

Hanoi Holic