Survival challenge: Wellspring Hunger Games season 1 – My amazing experience

I am an introvert person, and I always nestle in my shell. Most of the time, I only care about studying and forget that to live is to experience and to challenge myself to become a better person. At the weekend, I usually find myself staying at home with a bunch of homework. I barely have time to go for a walk, to socialize or to explore new things around me. Deep down inside, I acknowledged that not only that I want to become an excellent student, but I also want to develop my soft skills as well… Perhaps, the survival challenge – Wellspring Hunger Game has given me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and see the world, see the new me. As for me, this would forever be memorable days. This game has really brought us, WISHers together; brought us laughters and amusement. This was truly a wonderful remark in every student…

            As an event in Project week, a survival challenge named Wellspring Hunger Games was organized by Wellspring school for all students from grade 9 to 12 in Ba Vi. This is the first time our school arranged an event like this to help tighten the bond between students, as well as to have the student to experience a life in the wild, challenging yet interesting.

1A few days before the journey began, the school had acknowledged students about the survival game and randomly divided students into different teams. After that, all the teams gathered around and had a chat. At the same time, students were trained and instructed of how to put up the tent, make fire and taught many other survival skills.

            The next day, all teams lined up from the early morning and came on the bus. It took two hours for the buses to arrive at Ba Vi. Although it was a long trip, the conversation we had seemed to fasten the time. On the bus, everyone thought of their team’s name, chose their leader and created a motivating slogan for the group. Finally, the bus stopped. Everyone ate lunch with their team mates and talked together about the fun they were having. Subsequently, the Wellspring survival challenge began, started off with a small “game”: blindfolded, the students followed their friends throw the forest to the campsite. Despite the obstacles on the road, I personally thought this was an entertaining activity and it had built up our team spirit. At the campsite, we were told to head to our station and divide the tasks equally to each member: building shelter, setting fire, catching chicken and eels, find vegetation, make aromatic bags to avoid insects, etc. All that works were connected to the environment, were the manual work that I as well as many others rarely have to do. By when the dawn went down, every team had already set up their “house” and prepared their dinner. Afterwards, the judges went around to taste the dish and gave their opinions. Our team excitingly presented about our dishes. Notwithstanding that it was dirty and hard on us, I felt proud of myself and my teammates. That night, the food tasted amazing.

2The teachers and students set together the fire to cook

3Dinner served by our teams

            At night, after resting, everyone trailed each other through the forest; the road was craggy but this activity brought us a lot of experience. While having a walk, we could also listen to the song of the birds and the wind. Then, we ceased at the stage and discussed about or group performances. Each performance had their own uniqueness, and depends on the “heat” of those performances, the judges would give us a certain amount of corns and potatoes to grill. After performing, everyone together danced around the big fire. Soon after, when everyone has been exhausted, the teachers surprised us by letting us sleep in a luxurious resort. We hurried to our rooms, ate snack and prepared for an exhilarating day ahead.

4Performing on stage

In the next day, after having breakfast, all teams gather together to take part in the Treasure hunt activities. The race consists of many small missions, from physical to mental ones, also activities that require teamwork. I’m weak at PE, but with the team spirit, I was instructed to finish all the physical challenges. My team was the one to find the treasure first, and we, together, tried to solve some math problems, then, ran quickly to final place to eat buffet. Our team sat together, and ate happily – what a great experience!

5Students taking part in the physical challenges


Solving mysteries

Wellspring Hunger Games, the survival challenge in Ba Vi has ended, leaving us a great impression as we have had the chance to experience the world outside. Hopefully, our school will continue organizing activities like this.

Tran Phuong Linh & Tran Yen Linh – 9A4