The 17th of November was a special day for our beloved teachers, for an early Teachers’ Day celebration was held. 

There were many activities organized by Wellspring Student Council and Ambassadors, one of which was Wellspa. Wellspa, held by the IAWIS, is a spa specialized for teachers, where teachers can relax and enjoy services such as massage, face mask, nails etc. It had been held on previous Teachers’ Days as well, and recently held on the Opening Ceremony of this school year. The purpose of Wellspa was to show gratitude and appreciation to teachers for their contribution to the school, as well as their passion, dedication and hard work to help students improve, not only academically, but also as a person. Once again, we, the Passion Ambassadors, would like to take you back to this meaningful event.

image001            At 9 am that day, Wellspa started welcoming teachers and running their services. When teachers first arrive at the location of the spa, they would be greeted by an Ambassador, who would offer them the shoe polishing service. Next, when they enter the room, they would be overwhelmed by the soothing scent of candles. The room was dimly-lit, mostly by fairy lights, and relaxing music was played. The atmosphere was very serene and peaceful, so when teachers enter the room, they could feel at ease and as if they had escaped to heaven. Teachers would be politely greeted by member of the IAWIS, who would also introduce them to the many services that Wellspa provides.

image003         One of the services was the nail-polishing service, where a variety of colors and designs were given for customers to choose from. The nail-polishers were very careful and creative. Teachers who chose the service were very satisfied with their beautiful nails afterwards.



image009           Another service was the face mask. Teachers got to choose the type of face mask they wanted, then they could lie on the beds as the workers prepared and applied the masks onto their faces. After that, the customers would relax while waiting for five to ten minutes. Then the masks could be removed and the teachers would feel more refreshed.


The most favored service of all was probably the massage. As the workers gave the massage, the teachers could rest their eyes and de-stress.



The hair salon area was quite crowded as well. It provided customers with different hairstyles, mainly braids. The customers were also very pleased with the results after having their hair done by the skillful Ambassadors.


While waiting for their turn to try services, teachers could enjoy the tasty drinks at the mini bar. The bar served many different drinks, most of which were home-made by the Ambassadors. Our proficient baristas worked very hard and successfully fulfilled their roles.

image019           Overall, after the refreshing spa services, all the teachers felt well-rested and were very satisfied. Having learnt from the mistakes made during previous Wellspa events, this Wellspa was better than the last and perhaps, the most successful as well.

image021            Nhìn chung, sau khi được tận hưởng các dịch vụ tại Wellspa, tất cả các giáo viên đều cảm thấy dễ chịu, thoải mái và rất hài lòng. Sau khi rút kinh nghiệm từ các spa trước, sự kiện lần này tốt hơn so với các lần trước và có lẽ cũng là Wellspa thành công nhất của Hội Đại sứ.

image023           As the IAWIS, representatives of Wellspring students, we would like to thank the teachers for your contribution to the school and diligence towards teaching us, students. We are grateful for everything you have done. We hope you will always maintain your passion and enthusiasm in class, which motivates us to strive to be better people. Happy Teachers’ Day!

 Passion Ambassadors

(Written by: Nguyen Chau Anh, Nguyen Ngoc Anh – 8A5)