Special Teachers’ Day in Wellspring

Teachers have always been torch-wielders who ignite the passion of learning in each student. Because of that, other than our parents, our teachers are the people who deserve great respect and gratitude. On Thursday, the 18th of November, the students of Wellspring International School had a chance to express their gratefulness toward their teachers in the Vietnamese Teachers day celebration which was organized by the International Ambassadors (IAWIS) and the Student Council (SC).

The event started in the afternoon, but in the morning, the Ambassadors had already placed red and delicious apples on teacher’s desk, along with cards from students. This really was a meaningful action toward the teachers of the school. After the lunch break, students around the school were gathered in the soccer field, each of them having a smile on their faces and holding various presents. On the field, there were two diagonally aligned lines of chairs which are placed so that the teachers can fully observe the event. Soon, the field was filled with students, all sitting in a group facing the teachers. Then, in the center of the field, the students of the Student Council and Ambassadors started dancing, warming up the atmosphere of the event. After the amazing performance, the Ambassadors and the Council organized some games for students to test their knowledge about their teachers. Not a surprise, the students in the school all understood their teacher well so they found that the games were easy. That was when a long coil of rope was dragged onto the soccer field. It’s Tug of War! Students gathered around as the International teachers and Vietnamese teachers tried their best to pull the opponent down. To end the Teachers day celebration, Wellspring Avatar winner Dinh Khue brought us into the harmonic melody played by the piano.


Teachers and Students gather in the Soccer Field


Tug of War – a game played by teachers and students

After the celebration in the soccer field, the teachers started heading towards the Student Council Café. Before coming to the café, each teacher was given a ticket so that they can enjoy some coffee with some food that was made by the Council. The Council Café sold lots of delicious foods like Tteokbokki, Milk Tea, Coffee and many others. Since the weather is quite hot in this time of the year, the coffee received lots of customers who want to enjoy nice and cool beverages.


SC coffee received lots and lots of customers

Teaching is one of the most tiresome jobs, and the International Ambassadors wanted to make a place for teachers to relax and let go of all the stress that teaching brought them, introducing: Wellspa. Wellspa laid only a little bit further from the Council café, so it was very convenient for teachers to take away drinks while enjoying the spa. Walking into the spa, the first thing that caught our attention was the cool breeze carrying the amazing smell of herbs. Then, we could see that the spa room was filled with beds, each with comfortable pillows and blankets for the maximum comfort. More than that, the room was filled with relaxing and meditative music which brought complete relaxation to the teachers. Teachers who asked for spa service would get to experience all kinds of service from nail care, face massage to face mask. In addition to that; there were Ambassadors who worked outside of the spa room to make sure that each teacher’s shoes are shiny and clean.  After the drinks from the Council café and the therapy from the Wellspa, we could sure that all teachers were relaxed and more passionate towards teaching us students.


Teachers enjoying the Wellspa

The day ended with smaller celebrations carried in each class, and all of those celebrations all contribute to one goal: To show the student’s and parent’s gratitude towards the keepers of knowledge. We, students, really really hope that the teachers have had an amazing Teacher’s day, and we want to give our biggest thanks to every single teacher in the school for caring and providing us with the knowledge of the world.  

Author: Nguyen Minh Vu (Brain) – 10AD – Inspiration Ambassador

Translator: Nguyen Minh Ngoc (Amelia) – 10I2 – Inspiration Ambassador