Ambassadors in the Spotlight

“Ambassadors in the Spotlight” is an annual event organized specifically for Wellspring Ambassadors in the beginning of every school year to welcome the new crew and more importantly, for potential Vice Chief and Chief candidates of IAWIS to prove they are worthy of their desired roles.



At 2.50 pm on the 31st of August 2017, students and teachers rushed towards the Discovery Building hall. Among them were 32 official members of Wellspring Ambassadors, all of whom were very excited. As everyone settled down and took their seats, the MCs, Ms. Lan Huong and Ms. Trang, announced the opening of the event.


Wellspring Ambassadors 2016 – 2017

Initially, the 2016-2017 school year Ambassadors crew were invited to the stage and were certified for their contribution and commitment. Afterwards, the Board of Advisors of IAWIS, who were also the judges, were introduced by the MCs.

The first activity of the event, called “All for One”, required each Ambassador group to work as a team. For this task, each group were to come up with ideas for a Reading Voice Contest that would be hosted for students from inside and outside the school. Later, the Chief and Vice Chief candidates would give comments regarding the teams’ ideas. All the groups’ plans were brilliant and very detailed, and as were the comments from the candidates, telling the groups how their ideas could improve and how we could combine all the amazing ideas together.



After listening to the Ambassadors’ ideas, Ms Dang Thi Bich Thuy, one of the members of the Board of Advisors, was “convinced that we have chosen the most dynamic and intelligent students of Wellspring.” Ms Thuy also shared: “All the ideas from Ambassador groups this year have shown that they are ready to make a positive change on improving communication between not only the Ambassadors themselves but also between IAWIS and WISHers. Ultimately, it’s a desire to have more connection with other schools. I believe that in the coming time, they will have more time to work on these plans to realise them this year.”


After that was the “One for All” challenge, in which each Vice Chief or Chief candidate were to randomly pick a question and answer it within a minute and a half, questioning their problem-solving ability and their leadership skills.

“I was quite nervous at first but it was better than I had expected. Sure, there were things I could have done better. But overall, I enjoyed being on stage alongside the other amazing candidates, as I had the opportunity to prove myself and what I am capable of doing for IAWIS. I am thankful to have learned a lot from this experience”, claimed Nguyen Ha Phuong (8A5), from Creativity team.


Ha Phuong was also the youngest and only candidate from Secondary School and applied to be Vice Chief Ambassador. She and the other candidates had deeply impressed the audience and the judges with their great answers and creative ideas. It will definitely be a challenge to pick the Vice Chief and Chief of the Ambassadors this year.


Everyone seemed quite satisfied with the success of this event. We, the Passion Team, had the opportunity to interview some students who attended the event about their thoughts and feelings.

Firstly, we got the chance to interview one of the members who is new to both our school and the Ambassadors. “I was amazed by the friendliness of the IAWIS and how I am welcomed here”, said Le Ngoc Minh (10I), from Inspiration Ambassadors. “I am also very delighted to make new friends through being an Ambassador.” Ngoc Minh seems to be enjoying himself as part of the Ambassadors and we are glad to have him, too.

Another new member of the Ambassadors who had also signed up to be Chief, Nguyen Mai Khanh (11I), was also thrilled to be a part of this year’s IAWIS crew. “It is super exciting to be involved in a project and be productive instead of wasting my time doing nothing. It’s good knowing that I’m not a waste of space lol.”


When asked how he felt about the event, Ngo Quang Minh (9A5), a member of the audience, answered: “In my opinion, this year’s Ambassadors in the Spotlight event was a huge improvement from last year’s, as it was more well-planned. I also really liked how the Ambassadors were working in a professional setting, but still kept the tense loose. There were still some flaws in the organization, but overall, the 2017-2018 Ambassadors in the Spotlight was a great event.”
We also interviewed one of the many newly recruited members of this year’s IAWIS crew. “I am very happy and proud to be in this wonderful team. After this event, I have realized that being an Ambassador is challenging and requires us to work reallyhard, which only makes me more excited!”, said Nguyen Vinh Hanh Linh (8A4), from Challenge team.

Last but not least, Dinh Quang Nghi (11AD), our former Chief Ambassador, had also shared his thoughts towards being an IAWIS: “Being an Ambassador feels somewhat close to a hybrid of privilege and responsibility. It brings me both honor, pride, as well as a sense of challenge.”


We hope you enjoyed this year’s “Ambassadors in the Spotlight” event.


To the Vice Chief and Chief Ambassador candidates, may you have the best of luck. As to the rest of the Ambassadors, here’s to another fun and successful year.


Written by: Chau Anh; Credits to Ngoc Anh and Son for interviewing students and teachers