Halloween in Wellspring

On Halloween, things started changing drastically. The weather was suddenly cold and spooky, which really fitted the Halloween’s atmosphere.In this time of every year, WISers start wearing their hideous costumes to school and celebrate a unique festival: Halloween.


Mr.Joe in Well- Spring costume

In the morning, while the cold wind was gushing gently through the school’s buildings, the students in the school were already excited with handful of costumes, makeup and various props to make their costume scarier. Loud laugh of the students looking at each other’s costumes could be heard everywhere around the school making the atmosphere became happier. Then, after the long and tiresome classes in the morning, the students headed to lunch and prepared for the activities held by the Ambassadors (IAWIS) and the Student Council in the afternoon. In less than thirty minutes, Passion Hall was filled with monsters, witches, and ghosts.

The Halloween event started when the whole school gathered in the Passion Hall and people moved through the crowd and going towards the stage. These were the Ambassadors, rushing towards the stage in scary costumes to warm up the festival with an amazing flashmob. After the flashmob, all the students in the school started scattering and gathering around into the various games and booths in the festival.


One of the most well-known activities this Wellspring Halloween was the Scary Movie Theatre, where students got to watch an amazingly delicate movie that was made by the literature club, and experience the Escape Room that was specially made with the same theme as the movie.

Walking further from the movie theatre, we arrived to the Passion Hall, a place that was filled with wonderful Halloween-themed booth and games. Anyone walked into the Passion hall would immediately want to join and enjoy the games such as Werewolf, Ring Toss, Apple Bobbing and many more. Other than the games, there were booths selling Halloween accessories, tarot dividing and makeup booth where students did make up for the teachers and the students in the fair. These booths and games have really brought the spooky vibes to the Halloween festival in Wellspring.


Outside of the Passion hall, there were a lot of stalls which sold Halloween-themed foods. In the heat of the event, the food stalls outside of the Passion hall were all busy at all times, supplying the hungry and thirsty monsters in here.


After the big Halloween event that took place in Wellspring on Monday the 31st of October, all students and teachers might have enjoyed the amazing food, drinks, games and activities that are handmade by the Wellspring Ambassadors and the Wellspring Student Council. We hope that you have had a spooky, terrifying yet entertaining Halloween!!!


Nguyen Minh Vu – 10AD