Useful Field Trip: Being interviewers

On a beautiful day, we, the teachers of the international department, had a very useful field trip with students from the diary of life club. Our role was to become interviewers.  

At 8. 00 in the morning, I was rushing with my bread in my hand, and I was so surprised that the students of the summer camp “Learn My Way” looked so alert and ready on such a scorching hot Friday. It seemed that the temperature was up to 36 degrees Celsius in the summer making all of them feel more excited about the trip around the West Lake. The goal of this trip was to find and interview foreign visitors in Vietnam about global issues. 

Are you ready to go with us? As usual, before the trip, Ms. Trang – the vice principal reminded all of the members in the camp meticulously. I was so surprised by the loud voice of a chubby boy named Son Ha from 8A1: “Good morning, how are you doing, teacher? Are you ready to go with us?”

The energy and excitement of Son Ha made me realize that all of them were totally ready for the field trip.



At 8.15 a.m, all of the  international department and the  students of summer camp were sitting nicely on 5 mini buses travelling to the gathering place on Le Lai Street. Everyone had prepared themselves really well for this first trip as real interviewers.

All of us, more than 80 people, got off the bus and gathered in Li Thai To statue, then we made a plan to interview as many foreign tourists as possible. I was the manager of class 8A1 which included lots of energetic boys who sometimes I found a little hard to control.

Nam, a portly and well-tanned lad, suggested: “ teacher, tourists will go around the pagoda and the puppet theatre. Should we walk to those places to find them?”. Of course, that was a good idea, so we decided to follow him.  

Working seriously

Morning in the West lake was so special; all of us were attracted by  exciting activities such as morning exercise with Gangnam style music, aerobics and Thai Cuc Kung Fu.

It was so exciting out there! But we did not forget our mission. About 20 meters from our location, 2 tourists were walking near But Thap Pagoda. Some members in our group yelled: “Hurry up, or the other team would meet them before us”. Almost immediately, we rushed to catch them; we held our camera, mobile phone, paper and pens to begin interviewing them.

Hi, we are students from Wellspring international Bilingual School. How are you today? Where are you from? 



After greeting Canadian couple, members of my group continued the interview.

We’re happy to do that! It was hard to refuse the enthusiastic interviewers who were polite and fluent in English, so the two tourists accepted their request and said :” We’re happy to do that”. From then on, I felt that the students from summer camp “Learn My Way” would be promising journalists in the future.

image005 image006


We had 6 interviews on the topic of environment in two hours of hard work. However, our young interviewers encountered lots of difficulties, but no one complained or gave up. During the trip, they met the refusal of some visitors and faced many difficulties of the language barrier. I, myself most admired the way that Wellspring students calmly and subtly dealt with complicated problems. 

I still remember the moment when my little interviewers came to talk with a young French couple. As usual, after greeting, a member in the group asked: “What do you think about trash in Vietnam?”.

“We have just come, we don’t know anything” , 2 young French responded. It was easy to understand that they have just come to Vietnam, and everything they cared about was where to go and what to do in Hanoi. That was the thing my young interviewers could not have forseen, so they felt disappointment and failure.

Solving problems

However, one girl in our group (I don’t remember her name) came up with an idea to solve the problem.

 “Do you think that roads and streets in France are cleaner than the roads around West Lake?” Immediately, another person said “when you are walking, do you see any garbage?”


 “Oh no!, I think it’s as clean as our city, Lyon where we live” they spoke with no doubt.

The way they solve the problem made me proud of them a lot; it was fantastic. At 11:00, all of the members gathered in Li Thai To Statue; they were so happy and excited.Although the weather was really hot, they shared what they had done during the entire morning with each other before heading back to Wellspring school.


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