“The power of the dream” OPENING SPEECH – NEW SCHOOL YEAR 2016-2017

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear all distinguished guests, all teachers, parents and all beloved students,


Mrs Le Tue Minh – Head of Schools

20 years ago, the inspirational song The power of the Dream excited thousands of athletes all over the world at the Atlanta Olympic games. With the power of the dream, Wellspring has completed its first five years and has been starting its 6th year, has been becoming one of the leading International Bilingual schools of Hanoi and Vietnam from an young new pioneer school model.

There is the fact we must be all aware that the environment has been seriously polluted; the natural resources have been almost exhausted while technology, including the industrial revolution 4.0 including the cyber physical system has been changing at an incredible speed. Already, we have been seeing many jobs be replaced by artificial intelligence. To prepare for your future in this fast changing world, there is no other way but each student must try to constantly accumulate knowledge, skills at school to become independent thinkers, problem solvers.


Towards this goal, the message of this school year is FROM STUDENT & BY STUDENT, which highlights the active role of students in all school activities from making suggestions, taking initiatives to realize them through the effective operation of Student Council and International Ambassadors,ideas from students for club activities, charity activities, events will be initiated and implemented by students yourselves.

And right here, at Wellspring, by the application of the digital learning platforms like EDMODO, GOOGLE CLASSROOM, GOOGLE SITE, SCHOOLOGY… each teacher, student and parent is completely capable to participate their ideas, their resources, their projects with all the other beyond the walls of the classrooms, beyond 8 hours in the daily school time but all over the world like MUHIGH Students are now working with MU American teachers and resources in US beside the traditional face to face classrooms with teachers. By actively engaging with these activities, you are actually participating in the 4th industrial revolution in the world.


Dear all beloved students,

Don’t complain and be just an indifferent observer! Take action Be engaging!

I wish all wellspring students can find the power of the dream within yourselves. 

Teachers will be your companions to provide you with support in overcoming challenges ahead. 

Your mind will take you far

The rest is just your heart

You find your fate is all your creation

And every boy and girl as they come into this world

Bring the gift of hope and inspiration!

Wishing all guests, teachers and students good health and happiness and success in your journey of realizing your dream!

On behalf of the School Board, I’m honored to announce the start of the new school year 2016-2017!