A day of WISHers at an Australian High school

In July, the two WISHers, Ngo Hai An and Dinh Quang Nghi, were chosen to participate in an “Exchange” program with John Paul College High school, one of the biggest private school of Queensland. Let’s see how they spent a day as Australian students.


On 18 July, the two students arrived in Brisbane, the heart of Queensland, Australia, to start their journey as exchange students at John Paul College High school. This is an annual cooperation program held by Wellspring Billingual International school and SET study abroad consultancy, aiming at providing distinguished students with opportunities to experience the life of students in Australia.


That was the first time those two students had made a long trip without the accompanionment of their families. They had to carry all their documents alone like a real study abroad student, including a lay-over in Singapore, filling in customs forms, and collecting luggage.


Despite all their worries and tiredness, they were eager to reach the beautiful and peaceful country of Australia. The school’s representative picked them up at the airport and took them to their homestay families, where they would spend the following 2 weeks.


At school, An and Nghi followed a program for international students – strengthening their English skills and getting used to attending class for international students; after a few days, they were able to participate in the classes for Australian students. Beside major subjects, they also participated in extracurricular activities such as scrupture class, operas, and role-play class.


After school, they went shopping or went out with their host families.


“The exchange at John Paul College was the most interesting program I have ever participated in. Not only was it an opportunity for travelling to a beatiful and modern country, but it was also a chance for me to get accustomed to a diversified and advanced studying environment. At John Paul College, I realized that I was able to do a lot of things, such as role-play, sculpture, and cooking.

During the exchange period at John Paul College, the thing that impressed me the most was my homestay family. They had three kids studying at the same school as me, so we always went to school together and exchanged about what we had learnt. On my 16th birthday, the host lady made a cake for me, and the whole family went to the beach for a party and shopping. Although it was very fun, we also undertook chores seriously. I even cleaned my room all by myself. After the trip, I feel much more independent.