Hanoi Tet Tour 2017

On Wednesday January 18th, we had really good time and experience with each other and 2 new foreign friends from England. We visited some nice places in Hanoi and introduced them to the 2 UK friends.



We would like to tell you some experiences that we will never forget. At the beginning of the trip, we had a trouble that we could not find any foreign guys to join our tour. Having at least 2 foreigners to join the tour was the requirement of the project, so if we cannot find any, we would fail from the beginning. No one wanted that happens so we all started to find some people around Hoan Kiem lake. We had failed several times before being accepted by these 2 England men. We went around, introduced who we are and tried to ask them politely if they could join our tour. However, unluckily, they just said “Thank you” and some of them even looked at us like we were dumb people. After about 1 hour, we finally found 2 guys that can join the tour.



About the trip, we had planned at first but then it had to change a little to be more suitable. First of all, we led them to the The Huc Brigde and Ngoc Son Temple, introduced them about these 2 places and especially, we told them the story about the name “Hoan Kiem lake”.

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After that, we took them to Dinh Liet street and had some special yogurt there. We are very happy because both of them love the yogurt.


It was time for lunch, so we went to Ngo Gach Street to eat bun dau mam tom. That was a dangerous decision because not everyone can eat this food. But we were lucky, because both of them can eat it.


Finally, we took them back to where we met – Hoan Kiem Lake. We had good time together and everyone was happy at the end. Tet Tour was a memorable experience in our year 12. We have had a lot of fun and experiences about team building. It is also a good chance for us to know more about Hanoi because in the preparation step, we had to search for information that we introduce to foreigners. Our tour was nearly perfect and we are very proud about that. If we can do the project one more time, it would be totally perfect!


Students: Hoang Nguyen Huong Giang

                 Pham Cong Day

                 Tran Quoc Trung

                  Nguyen Huu Tung

Supervisor: Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh