Goodbye “Learn my way 2016” summer camp

A new school year is about to start, putting an end to an eventful summer. Learn my way 2016 summer camp at Wellspring International Billingual school has officially ended after 5 weeks full of activities.

Students and teachers have had a memorable summer session filled with laughter and nostalgia after 5 weeks full of interesting activities.

The morning filled with activities in English

The students participating in the camp this summer experienced a variety of activities, such as a game show, research projects, and presentations, under instruction from English teachers in Vietnam and abroad with “hot” topics like: Smartphones and New technologies, Global issues – what should we care about? Famous people who have changed the world, and more.



Watch video show and answer questions


Khoi Nguyen answered the questions


Throughout the camp, many skills were supplemented and strengthened for the participants, including presentating, creating slides with powerpoint, making videos, teamwork, information searching and processing, interviewing, and critical thinking.

On summary day, all the classes displayed their works, including class logos, posters on global issues and famous people, and videos on interviewing travellers about global issues around the Old Quarter area of Hanoi. All these projects required huge effort and were presented enthusiastically with useful ideas.



The teachers were truly impressed by the improvements in information processing and presentating from the students.


Presentation on famous people by Minh Ngoc (class 9-10-11)


Notably, the program had welcomed a guest from Ireland – Mr. Patrick’s mother, who had just reached Vietnam one day before the summary. She was deeply impressed by the videos made by students, which contained a lot of hilarious and profound questions.

After reporting the results of the camp, all teachers and students were “treated” with a feast full of sticky rice with jackfruit, fried sour meatballs, pizza, milk tea, and cookies.


Food Fair – kiosks filled with delicious dishes


Great support from teachers

The summary session in the morning had definitely left beautiful memories in all participants minds, which also served as a spark for all activities in the afternoon.

The afternoon full of laughter and nostalgic moments

In the afternoon, the flashmob “Move your body,” performed by interns and students from the camp, warmed up the room despite the summer heat of 40 degree



After that, students from STEM – Biology and Chemistry had a chance to make others jealous by displaying “cool” and eye-catching works, such as a train made from plastic bottles running with elastic wire, and other products made from daily items that were surprising to viewers. Home-made vegetables, yogurt and coconut oil were also shown and given to their parents.

STEM was a class where students of Learn My Way were encouraged to develop their imagination and scientific skills. Please take a look at the products of the students in the following links:



STEM – Science and products from the last day

After the display from STEM – Biology and Chemistry class, it was time for STEM – Science and their unique style. Aiming for practical application of Mathematics, the students had been involved in highly applicable projects. During the summary sessions, they amazed other classes with artistic paintings drawn by Tesselation software, which was worlds different from what people used to think about Mathematics.



Products of STEM-Science

All students were then involved in “Ring the bell” games with 11 questions on Mathematics logic. Not only the participants but also the audience members were excited with the game, which was led by two humorous students from the Mathematics class.



“Ring the bell” game

MCs of “Ring the bell” game were students from the Mathematics class.

After saying goodbye to the Mathematics class, we then welcomed the Life diary class. With cuteness and humor, the two MCs made the whole room burst into laughter with interesting games. The game “Hug me” was a chance for students to hug their teachers and friends from other classes. The embraces seemed to erase the distance between people. Especially, in the cosplay game, the audience could not stop laughing during the role-play of Minh Ngoc and Quy Duong, where they acted as one who had impressed them the most. Ms. Bich Thuy, teacher of class 9-10-11, and Vu Minh Hoang, a student of class 9-10-11, were chosen to be their characters, and the acting was so persuasive that Ms. Thuy and Hoang were very surprised.



Life Diary class and their very first works


Hoang Viet (class 6-7A1) with a passionate piece of music

Summer sports have also left remarkable memories with students. Many of them could swim comfortably and confidently after 40 hours of learning. Please find more detaild in this LINK.


Futsal with skillful techniques



Interns, who are actually students from Wellspring, played an important role during this camp. They did their best to support participants as well as the teachers. Desiring to provide interns with the most practical experience of working under pressure, Ms, Thu Trang – Vice principal in charge of International programs – constantly encouraged them to meet deadlines. Thanks to her encouragement, the intern team was able to finish the “Summer Notebook” as a gift to all teachers and students from the camp.



Everlasting memories

On behalf of the High school, Mr. Dang Dinh Hai – the Principal rewarded the most distinguished students with certificates and gifts as recognition of their enthusiastic involvement in the camp.





After 3 hours, it was time to close the program. Wellspring always welcomes students to attend future camps. We do wish all students and teachers a new school year full of energy and success.

Nguyễn Tuấn Anh –Highschool English Teacher.