Dream It Possible with Wellspring

“Although every school year is a well-known journey, there is something miraculous and wonderful in common that both I and all the teachers and students in Wellspring feel strongly inspired from within ourselves when each new school year begins. That is this year there will be new things to do, new learning needs to be done, new innovations to be made, new ideas to be experimented and explored in order to continue nurturing and promoting their passion and inspiring their creativity to life?”

This is a quotation from Ms. Le Tue Minh, Head of Wellspring Hanoi International Bilingual School’s speech on the opening ceremony of the school year 2018-2019.
For the first time, I attended a grand opening ceremony as an officer at the school. It made me feel very proud and honored to be a member of Wellspring High School as well as Wellspring International Bilingual School.

When I was 10, my dream was to become an English teacher so I could stand in front of my beloved students and teach my favorite subject, English. However, I started my job with an administration position in a petroleum company.

After a few years of working and changing some companies, including some in the education field, I finally touched my dream. You might think that I am now an English teacher. But no and it did not matter. In spite of not standing in front of many students and teaching them directly in the class, I could still work in international and professional educational environment as an admin staff. I had much opportunity to work with teachers and students days by days, both native English and Vietnamese, one of the best ways to improve my English skills. And Wellspring International Bilingual School did bring all those chances to me!

My very first impression when I came to the international office was many quotation posters quoted about teaching life, normal, character or manner of human, or simply how to say a greeting. For example: “The best teachers teach from the heart not from the book.”

Furthermore, we spend a small part of the room for making coffee or tea. Do you know how important drinking coffee in the morning is? It feels like you can take a deep breath with the smell of coffee so you can wake up a whole day and have energetic power in spite of staying up late for working or counting sheep last whole night.

“The harder you work, the more luck you have.”
Do you know? I have come to the truth that in order to do the big and important things, let me begin the jobs with the small and simple things but bring the great value.

“People value you at the value you see in yourself.”

My initial task on my first days in High School International Department was that surprisingly to rearrange the furniture of working space. I myself was so excited that I could try my best to make this task done as soon as possible.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

You are worrying that I did this task alone? Oh no. Remember that whatever you are a newcomer or not, you always have your colleagues’ support. With the help of the school management board and office colleagues about working experiences, various ideas and useful feedback, I was able to draw the map and make a plan for office rearrangement quickly.
Teachers and officers spend most of the daytime at the workplace. So that I think the working space has some remarkable priorities such as profession, cozy and peace to make them feel comfortable as well as effective and creative in their teaching jobs.

“Have a great day at work today.”

In my opinion, 8-hour working at the office is like staying at the second home. If you feel comfortable, cosy, friendly, hard-working and good results, you seem to be at your own home, living with your family, having the delicious meal and sharing a lot of daily stories.
You will definitely agree with me!

– Ms. Pham Ngoc Phuong, International Department, Wellspring High School