Car wash- The first mission

Last Saturday (Sep 17, 2016), the Ambassadors had a car and motorbike wash – the very first mission in the school year 2016-2017 in order to raise funds for charity. To us – the Ambassador members, that was the day that we can never forget.

We had to do everything by ourselves, from the smallest things such as preparing buckets, cloths, etc. to the bigger things like washing the cars. Before the big day, we had some research about car washing tips. Especially, our leader – Nghi, went to a car garage to learn how to wash a car. Since the slogan of IAWIS is “Teamwork makes the dream work”, we got together, and did all the work together. “I am proud because it was our first mission of this school year that we worked together as a team”- said Hanh Phung – our vice leader. Everyone had their own job, but we still helped each other whenever we had difficulties.


Because this is our first mission, there were some problems. “Work wasn’t well-prepared enough. We didn’t divide the tasks clearly among each team so we panicked, confused and did not know what to do at first.”- continued Hanh Phung. But anyway, all problems were solved properly and we accomplished our mission in quite a success.

After the mission, the revenue was 800.000VND – not necessary a huge amount of money for our first car wash, but the most important thing is we did our mission with our friends, our Ambassadors family. Minh Vu, from 10AD, shared that he had had a great time cleaning cars for parents, even though the money was mainly donated. We are glad to have helped our parents in cleaning cars and motorcycles, but more importantly, helping children who aren’t as lucky as us. We felt that we could share this small amount of money for them and help them to have better life.

To sum up, the car wash was successful. We helped the poor children, had a small part of the revenue for funds and overall, we succeeded in our first ever project made by the Wellspring International Ambassadors – school year 2016 – 2017. 

Nguyen Minh Ngoc-10I2