TEDWIS Compassion – TEDWIS’ two years anniversary

The past weekend was very special for WISHers as it marked TEDWIS’ second anniversary. Of course, to celebrate its birthday, TEDWIS Compassion was slightly different from the other TEDWIS events. Once again, we, Passion Ambassadors, would like to take you back to the morning of November 11th.

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At about 9am on the 11th of November, people made their way to the hall on the fourth floor of the Discovery Building. As they settled down into their seats, the doors of the hall closed and the lights turned off. Then, the MCs – Huong Giang and Yen Nhi (7A5) stepped onto the brightly-lit stage to announce the start of the TEDWIS Compassion event. The crowd applauded, excited to hear the speeches that were yet to come. But before that, the MCs introduced a special warm-up quiz prepared by the Ambassadors with questions about TEDWIS and the event’s theme – Compassion. The questions were very interesting and required a wide range of knowledge. In the end, the team 10I Stellars won with most correct answers. The top three teams were also rewarded with free drinks from the Ambassadors’ tuckshop during the break halfway through the speeches.


After the quiz, the speakers one by one stepped onto stage to give their speeches. There were 29 speeches in total, with 27 speeches from Wellspring students and two from our guest speakers – representatives from Hope Family and Project Sprouts. While all speeches were very inspirational and interesting, they also showed the confidence in all speakers, who did a spectacular job delivering diverse and unique in topic and content. This was a necessary part that made the show very intriguing and fascinating.

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During the break, everyone got to enjoy the delicious snacks and drinks served at the Ambassadors tuckshop. Moreover, at the booths right opposite to the tuckshop, they also got to learn more about Hope Family and Project Sprouts, as well as their projects and activities. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.46.05 AMScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.46.12 AM
After the show proceeded and all the speakers had finished their magnificent speeches, a video  by  Dinh Son (11AD) – a Passion Ambassador – about TEDWIS and its journey throughout the past two years was shown to celebrate TEDWIS’ second anniversary. Then, teachers and Ambassadors who have helped organize TEDWIS events were called on stage, where the crowd applauded with genuine appreciation for their effort and hard work in making TEDWIS what it is today – one of Wellspring’s educational, successful and well-known events and is a major part of Wellspring’s culture. Khac Hung – the Chief Ambassador also brought TEDWIS’ birthday cake onto stage to celebrate its second anniversary.  After that, the speakers, as usual, were asked to come on stage to receive their trophies and certificates of participation.

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TEDWIS Compassion itself came to an end as one of the most memorable TEDWIS events, however the TEDWIS series had become very special and important to Wellspring through time, and thus, we would like to thank the teachers and Ambassadors, without whom TEDWIS would not have made it to this point. We would also like to thank all of the speakers who have participated in TEDWIS events and everyone who have come to support. You have greatly contributed to TEDWIS’ success and we are grateful for your support on our journey to reach these milestones. We hope you enjoyed your time, and see you at our future TEDWIS events as well as other school activities!

Until next time!

Passion Ambassadors


       1.  Thu Nguyen (6A6) started the morning with her speech about doctors and their compassion 1

  1. Then, Thang Tao Quang and Nga (10B2) told us a story about compassion that they had seen 2
  1. Ngoc Linh (6A7) continued the show with her talk about the well-known children’s story “The Little Match Girl” 3


  1. A beautiful speech about compassion when it comes to doing voluntary work was delivered to us by Hoa Anh and Khanh Phuong (6A7)4
  1. Next, we got to learn about compassion during wartime through Anh Minh (6A7)’s speech5
  1. Hoang Tram and Van Anh (10B3) told us their opinions about mistakes relating to compassion6
  1. Then, a story of a compassionate English tutor was shared by Vu Long (7A4)     7
  1. We also learnt that compassion is sharing and loving, as Dieu Anh and Yehyun Cho (6A4) shared in their speech 8
  1. Nguyet Ha (10B2) then shared her speech about compassion of a great leader    9
  1. After that, we got to hear Minh Nguyen (6A7)’s speech about his compassion towards his grandmother 10
  1. Minh Khoa (8A4) next told us about self-compassion                          11
  1. Then, Ngoc Minh and Tuan Minh (6A7) shared a story about compassion when they were on a charity trip with their class 12
  1. Tu Uyen (6A7) then talked about compassion in a family                        13
  1. Next, Bao Han and Ha Vy (7A5) taught us how we could keep compassion in our hearts 14
  1. Trung Hieu and Thai Duy (6A7) then gave us the answer to the question “Why aren’t we more compassionate?” 15
  1. After that, our guest speaker – a representative from Hope Family, gave her inspirational speech 16
  1. Next, Tuong Vi and Tue Anh (7A4) gave their speech about Nick Vujicic, who awakens compassion in humans 17
  1. Tran Viet and The Viet (6A7) then told us about the magic of compassion 18
  1. Mrs. Anita Hummel – a guest speaker who came from Project Sprouts, told us about her organization’s inspiring stories 19
  1. Minh Thao (7A4) gave us a beautiful speech about how we should think again and find compassion 20
  1. Then, Quang Dung (8A5) told us about the opposite side of compassion                   21
  1. Mai Linh (7A4) gave a speech dedicated to her gratitude, admiration and love for her Vietnamese literature teacher 22
  1. Next, Minh Anh (9A4) presented her wonderful speech                                     23
  1. Minh Duc and Chu Nam (7A4) then talked about compassion for homeless people 24
  1. Yein and Duy Anh (10I) then shared their opinion on the consequences about compassion 25
  1. After that, Ngoc Anh (7A4) then presented about her interesting opinion – “compassion is a side kick” 26
  1. Khac Hung (11B3) shared his speech on the topic “Compassion – the reason to live”27
  1. Vi Anh Dao (10B2) then talked about misconceptions of compassion                                28
  1. Finally, Khanh Linh (7A5) gave a speech about compassion for farmers                            29