Despite the furious storm that arrived at Hanoi on Saturday the 16th of September, students, teachers and parents persisted on going to our first TEDwis event of the school year, coincidentally with the topic Persistence. Allow us, Passion Ambassadors, to bring you back to the event a few days ago.

It was a gloomy day. Thick clouds blocked the sun, leaving Hanoi dark and rather sad. Not many people left their houses due to the fear of the storm. Nevertheless, TEDwis Persistence was still held. About half an hour before the event started, everything was ready. Snacks and drinks took their seats on tables outside of the hall, where IAWIS members were preparing to greet guests and organizing the tuckshop. Also on the table was a very special book: the first official TEDwis magazine, designed by the wonderful and creative IAWIS members of the 2016-2017 school year.


Ambassadors’ Tuckshop

Inside the hall, speakers were either in their seats or nervously pacing, practicing their speeches to themselves for the last time before the show started. “I’m feeling a bit nervous but excited, because I’m afraid that I may not be perfect when I step onto the stage. But overall, I can’t wait to go up there.”, TEDwis speaker Hoang Duy (8A5) told us before the event started. Some parents were already settling down, excitedly waiting to see their sons and daughters confidently face their stage-fright and share their talks to the crowd below.


Các diễn giả nhí đã sẵn sàng cho bài chia sẻ của mình

At 8.30 a.m., the doors to the hall were closed and members of the audience were asked to take a seat, as the show was about to start. The amazing MCs, Dinh Son (11AD) and Mr. Nick Bernhard, stepped onto the stage, and the show officially began. How incredible it was, that for the first time in the history of TEDwis , there were 33 speeches, all of which were fascinating and varied in topics.


MCs của chương trình – Thầy Nick Bernard và bạn Nguyễn Đình Sơn (Đại sứ Inspiration, lớp 11AD)

To understand and see a certain topic from different perspectives, first of all, you need to understand what it means. Kim Khanh and Bao Ly (7A4) helped us with that by giving us a Definition of persistence and how it gives us hope. Then, the audience also learnt how persistence is very important, from How it is the key to life, as Ngoc Anh (8A4) said, through the well-known Vietnamese idiom “Có công mài sắt có ngày nên kim”, to How it is the key to success, as Khoa Anh (10I) had explained in his meaningful speech. We were also taught about how to use persistence, thanks to Khanh Linh and Trang Ngan (8A3), who told us the Steps, using persistence, to achieve purposes, giving their own example of their process to a successful TEDwis speech, and Huong Giang (7A5), who told us How to use persistence in the right way. Besides from that, Lien Chi (9A4) also gave us The “ingredients” to persistence. Meanwhile, Ngoc Anh (7A4)’s talk told us Why we should have persistence to work for our dreams, Ngoc Linh and Tu Uyen (6A6) shared their speech about Principles of success through the story of the turtle and the hare, Nhu Thao and Ngoc Chau (8A3) talked about the Problems you may face when being persistent, and Bao Linh and Mai An (8A5) explained Why persistence leads to success in their speech. We also got to hear Phuong Chi (8A5)’s quite a unique opinion on How persistence is not everything.


Hàng trên: Khoa Anh (10I); Hương Giang (7A5) l Hàng dưới: Khánh Linh & Trang Ngân (8A3)


Hàng trên: Phương Chi (8A7), Ngọc Anh (8A4); Ngọc Anh 9&A4) l Hàng dưới: Ngọc Linh & Tú Uyên (6A6); Kim Khánh & Bảo Ly (7A4)


Như Thảo & Ngọc Châu (8A3) (rắc rối khi sở hữu tính kiên trì theo ý kiến)

The audience also got to hear a lot of inspiring personal stories from the TEDwis speakers. Viet Thanh (6A6) told us about his persistence when it came to drawing to prove that Nothing is impossible, whilst Dieu An (6A4) shared how she learnt to swim and how Her own persistence had helped her along that journey. Ngoc Minh (10I) told us How he benefited from persistence, also applying it in swimming, whereas Hoang Duy (8A5) and his sister – Huong Giang (alumni) talked about their Persistence in playing sports. Tuan Anh (10B2) gave a speech about persisting when it came to Health and how he persisted to lose weight by working out. Mai Linh and Thu Ngan (7A4) talked about Mai Linh’s persistence when it came to studying English, similar to Phuc Tuong and Phuc Dat (8A4), who shared their Persistence in studying ESL, whereas Khanh Linh (9A3) and Minh Anh (9A4) talked about Persistence in studying social sciences and how important it is. An Khanh (7A5) shared her own personal story about Her persistence to achieve her goals. Quoc Anh (10B2) shared how his persistence helped while he was learning to play musical instruments, showing Persistence in following hopes and dreams and the same goes for Hai Linh (7A4), who shared how she persisted in Playing the piano.


Hàng trên: Việt Thành (6A6); Diệu An (6A4) l Hàng dưới: Ngọc Minh (10I, Inspiration Ambassador), Mai Linh & Thu Ngân (7A4)


Hoàng Duy (8A5) và chị gái (học sinh cũ của Wellspring) Hoàng Nguyễn Hương Giang


Hàng trên: Hải Linh (6A6), Khanh Linh & Minh Anh (8A3) l Hàng dưới: Phúc Đạt & Phúc Trường (8A4); An Khanh (7A5)

image010Ba chàng lính ngự lâm lớp 10B2 (Quốc Anh, Văn Bách, Tuấn Anh)

Van Bach (10B2) talked about Following your dreams and how he followed his spectacular dreams at different ages, while Ha Chi and Truc Anh (6A7) shared about their desired careers when they grow up and Dreams in the future. Minh Ngoc (11I) shared about Her experience in IGCSE and how persistence is important when studying the program. Mai Khanh (11I) told us about her persistence in belief, specifically feminism. The speech that stood out most probably belonged to Yein and Phuong Trang (10I), with the topic Persistence in being unique.


Hàng trên: Minh Ngọc (11I)  l Hàng dưới: Hà Chi & Trúc Anh (6A7); Cho Yein & Phương Trang ( 10I)


Nguyễn Mai Khanh (11I – Vice-Chief Ambassador) với “Belief”

On the other hand, some speakers told us admirable stories of other people, such as Kim Ngan (6A7), who shared about Her mother’s persistence in getting into university. Tuan Minh and Tram Anh (6A7) talked about the Persistence of some famous Vietnamese, Hoa Anh and Khanh Phuong (6A7) shared about an inspiring artist – Adele’s persistence, and Thai Duy (6A7) talked about A persistent astronomer – Galileo. Bao Ngoc (7A5)’s speech was about the talented author  of the book “Big Magic” – Elizabeth Gilbert, and her persistence.


Hàng trên: Kim Ngân & Thái Duy (6A7) l Hàng dưới: Tuấn Minh & Trâm Anh; Hoa Anh và Khánh Phương (6A7)


Nguyễn Trần Bảo Ngọc (7A5 – Inspiration Ambassador) rất ấn tượng với nhà văn Elizabeth Gilbert.

In the end, all the speakers came up to the stage once again, where they were awarded their well-deserved TEDwis trophies and certificates. Congratulations to the TEDwis speakers, who all did an outstanding job and should be very proud of themselves. We would like to thank and appreciate them for their hard work and dedication while preparing for TEDwis , as the event would not have been successful without them.


Cô Laura Murphy, Thầy Nguyễn Vĩnh Sơn và cô Nguyễn Ngọc Lan trao chứng nhận và biểu tượng TEDwis Persistence cho các diễn giải.


Một con số kỷ lúc – 33 bài chia sẻ trong TEDwis Talk của năm học thứ 3

The first TEDwis of the 2017-2018 school year was a great success. As organizers, IAWIS would like to thank you for coming to our event and supporting us. Thank you to our hard-working Ambassadors, without whom the event would not have been this memorable and successful. We hope to see you again in our future events and activities!


Ambassadors behind the scene

Passion Ambassadors

(Written by: Chau Anh and Ngoc Anh)

(Photos by Mr. Pham Van Giap)