Wellspring Opening Ceremony Speech – New School Year 2017-2018

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear all distinguished guests, all teachers, parents and all beloved students,

               By this occasion of the opening ceremony of the new School Year 2017-2018, Mr.Dinh Ngoc Ninh – CEO of SSG GROUP, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SSG EDUCATION has sent a message, from the point of view of the founder and leader of one of the leading biggest enterprise in Vietnam. He has strongly insisted, encouraged, supported with the optimum conditions and resources for WELLSPRING to continue building an education environment and program with creativity and continued updates from the leading countries in education, an education in a close connection with the social needs, the advanced industries and businesses in order that Wellspring students will become a pioneer generations in Vietnam to catch up with the Industry 4.0 in a globalization and to build the Vietnam country with happiness, prosperity and sustainable development.


Ms. Le Tue Minh – General Director of Wellspring Hanoi International Bilingual School

   GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE – CREATIVITY – CONTINUED LEARNING – PERSISTENCE – PASSION will be the only visions for us to continue develop and relocate the status of Vietnam country future in the 4th Industry Revolution with the Cyber Physical System – CPS.

    Those are also the basis for the new education philosophy of the most advanced educations in the world now –  to build an Education System helping students to find out objectives, motivation and the approaches and pathways for their own, an education of “HOW TO LEARN” instead of “WHAT TO LEARN”.

Dear all beloved students,

“Some dreams live on in time forever

Those dreams, you want with all your heart….

If I could reach, higher

Just for one moment touch the sky

             From that one moment

             In my life

             I’m gonna be stronger…”

REACH by GLORIA ESTEFAN & DIANE WARREN in Olympic Atlanta 1996

Wishing all students having dreams that you want with all your heart and you may have enough energy, enough persistence, enough confidence, enough passion, enough creativity, and especially enough love for life and humans to be happy in each step of your road to reach your dream.

We – teachers and parents will always understand, be companion, share with you everything to build a happy, encouraging, energy and creativity motivating with full of love for you to reach your dreams.

Wishing all guests, teachers and students good health and happiness and success in your journey of realizing your dream!

On behalf of the School Board, I’m honored to announce the start of the new school year 2017-2018!