Wellspring Opening Ceremony Speech by WISHers Do Hoang My

Greetings Ladies and Gentlements, Parents, along with my beloved Wellspring teachers and friends,

My name is Đỗ Hoàng My, student of class 12D1, from Wellspring High School. First of all, I’d like to express my sincere appreciation towards the Board of School Managers and teachers at Wellspring who, had not only granted me the worthy Talent Scholarship, but also the chance to stand on this stage and share a few words with you all. On this same stage at the Opening Ceremony of 5 school years ago, I was as well had the honor to receive the Placement Test Scholarship from the School Principal.


Back then, 8th grade Hoàng My didn’t have what it takes to have the privilege to stand behind this podium, and even now when receiving the 100% Talent Scholarship, which is mathematically, worths 20 times more than the one I once received, I still could not assertively announce I’m 20 times more mature than that 13 year-old girl who stood here 4 years ago. I remember crying for days being “deported” from my former school where all my friends were, to move to Wellspring, the place where my mom placed not only her trust but her two daughters as well. And today, at the last Opening Ceremony of my student life, though not yet grown-up, I’m ready to get to cry [my eyes out] again, and this time I would cry, not because I’m terrified of the first day at school like everyone else had, but I would cry, because I’m not ready for the last lessons with the most forgiving and patient teachers I’ve ever met, along with such supportive friends I might have to farewell for a while.

So my second “Thank You” is for every teacher and every friend I had at Wellspring, who never regret any encouragement and reassurance for me on my worst days, who gave me faith in myself and my ability, enabling me to build my own staircase to reach the fruits of life on the highest branches up in the sky –ignoring all those hurtful comments on my tiny and vulnerable appearance. And in fact, those high branches up in the sky is the reality we would eventually have to face right outside Wellspring’s door gates, and the finest fruits of the tree can only be evaluated objectively; the staircase which carries you closer to the branches is also, built independently, and everyone has their way to construct it. What makes me feel that each student sitting here and I are exceptionally lucky, is that we have the greatest teachers and friends who are willing to hand us the materials for this staircase.

And, friends,

Even someone as little as I am, could reach this podium. Even someone as little as I am, can confidently believe that I can reach goals and dreams I’ve set for myself. Therefore, there’s no reason why you can’t reach yours, am I right?

Last but not least, thank you for listening. I wish you all the best in this school year!