An unexpectable visit from the future

On Thursday afternoon, 15/9, Wellspring High School students had an interactive meeting with Ms Paulina Bula, the Assistant Director of the International Admission from Marrimack College in the United States of America. In over 40 minutes of conversation, the students have gained more knowledge on how to apply for universities in the USA in general, especially for Marrimack College.


Ms Pauline Bula – the Assistant Director of the International Admission – Marrimack College

(Photo: Phung Minh Hanh)

Merrimack is a small medium private university located near Boston, on the East Coast of the United States of America. This college offers mainly for students who want to study Engineering and Liberal Arts. Besides those two majors, Marrimack has almost 100 other different major and minor. Approximately 13% of the total amount of students is not Native Americans, they come from 28 different countries and mostly from India and Chinese.

The meeting between Ms Bula and students was really helpful. She introduced us about the schools, how to submit the applications, the experience of writing application essay, how to get the visa and even what to do after you got accepted. With the students who haven’t figured out what to do with their university application, this was an excellent opportunity to gain more experience on how to apply.

College is consider the door that leads to your future and whether you can do what you love to. For that reason, preparing for college is an extremely important thing to do. Depends each person, it may take some months, a year or even your whole high school life.

After 40 minutes of conversation, we finally have found out what to be prepared for our future. A lot of students have left their information for Ms Paulina so she can contact us and support us for our college application. For us personally, this workshop has really opened our mind and give us a brighter view for our future.

Nguyen Minh Ngoc & Phung Minh Hanh (10I2)