STEM Club – Inspiration English CampCamp 2017

Today is the first day of the Inspiration English Camp and also the first day of the STEM club. Mr. Nam and Ms. Len gave a lot of information about promising experiments that the campers will get to do in the future.  You could just see how excited they were when they all raised their hands to answer the teachers’ questions. After listening to the teachers, we went outside to do today’s experiments.

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The first experiment was blowing giant bubbles. All of us were very fascinated by the ingredients that went into the bubble solution. The recipe for the special solution to create giant bubbles included corn syrup, dish soap, glycerin and water. We then used two different tools to blow up the bubbles. Just through some practices, we were all able to blow up a lot of bubbles.  We all had a lot of fun competing who can blow the biggest bubble and also trying to cheat by poking others’ bubbles. 

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The second experiment was “Escape”. The challenge was to get the loop through the metal wire without touching the wire. When the loop touched the wire, it connected the circuit and made a bell rang. It might sounds easy but it is harder than you think. Many campers have to start again even though they were so close to the finish line. However, they still kept a bright smile on their faces. I had never seen such a repetitive activity that could still make many people lined up to try.

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The last experiment was “Test the Air Pressure”. In this experiment, they got to see how strong the air pressure is in a glass filled with water by hanging water bottles by the lid of the glass. Once the glass could not hold anymore bottles , the lid of the glass will burst open and all of the water would spill out. All of the campers startled when the lid burst open. It was a very interesting experiment that contained a very useful physics lesson.

And at the end of the day, the campers came home satisfied with the lessons they learned through the STEM club’s activities. There will definitely be more interesting activities awaiting you campers, stay tuned! 

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“I think that the STEM club’s activities were very interesting and fun.”, said a camper who joined this club. On the second day of Inspiration English Camp, the members of STEM club got to test their creativity skills to build a model of the “Eco-friendly house”. Here are some thoughts and feelings from Bùi Đức Chí, class 7A1, a member of this club: “In today’s STEM club, we got to build houses out of popsicle sticks. I think that this activity is really fun because we got to test our creativity skills by designing and building our own unique houses. Through this activity, not only did we learn about physics, but also about patience and persistence.”

Nguyễn Huy Công Anh, class 7A1, another member of the STEM club shared his thoughts: “I think that the activities were very fun and they helped me a lot with being more careful and letting me think like an architect.” So it’s only the first 2 days of the camp and campers are already so interested in the club’s activities. They will sure have more fun in the upcoming days.

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