Ring the Golden Moon

On 28th of September 2017, a game show for sixth graders named “Ring the Golden Moon” was organized by Wellspring’s International Department and Wellspring Ambassadors. This is an interesting extracurricular activity that is held by teachers from International department on the occasion of Full Moon Festival with the aim of providing students with more knowledge about this traditional event as well as a high spirit after stressful lessons.


“Ring the Golden Moon” is the special edition of the commonly played game teachers often organize in class, “Ring the Golden Bell”. To play this game, students are required to have a small board and a marker. A question on a certain topic would be projected, and in a particular amount of time, the students would have to write down the correct answer and raise their boards up when time runs out. If the answer is correct, the student would get to continue playing, whilst the students with the incorrect answer would be eliminated. In some cases, eliminated students would get a second chance and would get to continue playing. After a series of questions, the last person still playing would be the winner.



A few minutes before the show started, around 150 students and teachers excitedly entered the hall. Students settled down in their seats while teachers and some Ambassadors stood at different corners in order to check the students’ answers. Then, the MCs, Doan Bui Anh Duc from 7a5 and Ms. Phuong Anh, stepped onto the stage and announced the start of the game show. They were both confident and did a great job with their role. As the show started, the hall became silent, everyone was waiting for the questions to appear on the wide screen on the stage. Throughout the game show, some students were unfortunately eliminated. Luckily, they were saved by their wonderful teachers, who were the students’ “heroes”. To do so, they had to complete a challenge, which was rope skipping. All the teachers succeeded and excellently saved all the students who were eliminated. A few rounds after that, the moment of truth came: the winner was revealed. It was Tu Uyen from 6A7. She successfully answered all the questions, although, unfortunately, she couldn’t answer the last one. Congratulations to Tu Uyen, who was a very well-deserved winner!


Thanks to the help of teachers and the Ambassadors, the show was very successful and all the sixth graders enjoyed it a lot. Thank you, sixth graders, for being active and showing great spirit throughout the show. Without your attendance, the show would not have been as fun. We hope to see you in our future events!

  • Passion Ambassadors


Written by: Thien Nhan – 8A4

Edited & translated by: Chau Anh – 8A5