The most memorable day in our life

Our group had a Hanoi tour on the 21st of October. In that morning, grade 10 lined up at the school yard, all students and teachers were ready for the trip. The teachers gave us some of theWellspring’s ribbons. At 8 am, we got on the buses, went straight to the Ly Thai To statue near Hoan Kiem Lake. Subsequently, we took a group photo. Then, all groups splitted out to get tourists.

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Our group photo in front of the Ly Thai To statue

After that, our group found a visitor near the Hoan Kiem Lake. Soon after, we went to our first location – The House at 48 Hang Ngang street. This house is where President Ho Chi Minh stayed and worked from August 25 to the early September in 1945. He and the Standing Committee of the Party’s Central Committee laid down many important policies on internal and external affairs, took decisions on the regime and nominated staff of the new Government and the organization of the Independence Ceremony. Especially, President Ho Chi Minh wrote the historical Declaration of Independence to give birth to the Democratic Republic of Viet Namin this house. The house was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information in April 29, 1979 for its cultural and historical value. We had a plethora of fun there. We showed our tourist the pictures and antique of Ho Chi Minh and we have known lots of interesting information about this place since then.

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In front of The House at 48 HangNgang…

Then we went ahead to the next spot, which is Bach Ma temple (White Horse). This temple is located at number 76 of Hang Buom Street. We introduced to our tourist about the legend of this temple.

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Quan is guiding the tourist                                                                              The Bach Ma Temple

According to the legend, when Cao Pian went out to the east gate one day, he saw a stranger appearing in a 5-colour cloud. That night, Pian dreamt of the stranger, who called himself Long Do. Pian had his bronze hammer buried for exorcism. The following night a great storm raged and in that morning, the hammer was broken into sandy pieces. Pian was very frightened so he built a temple to appease the Long Do deity. We prayed and donated money to the charity box.

The last place we went was Ta Hien Street. This is the place where most Ha Noi teenagers enjoy eating food and drink. After a long time, we decided to drink the sugar cane smoothie, which was extremely cool for the summer. Besides the drink, we also tried the mixed salad with thetraditional ice tea. That food was very popular and tasty.

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At Ta Hien street

The-most-memorable-day-in-our-life (5)

This was ourlast photo. This trip made up the most memorable day in our live.

Group M.A.C