Final round of English Spelling competition “Spelling Bee” – Challenges for little linguists

On the afternoon of 10 Sep 2017, at Olympia School, the final round of English Spelling competition Spelling Bee has taken place with the participation of most excellent candidates who came from these following international schools: Wellspring, St. Paul, BVIS and Olympia.

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In the competition, the candidates have joined in a lively atmosphere of interesting competition’s parts, besides, students who have the same hobbies were able to meet and make friend with each other. More than that, the competition has given students the chance to improve English vocabulary and practice the correct pronunciation.

WISHers who have been chosen to the final round includes: Đặng Vũ Long – 7A4, Ngô Ngọc Băng Anh – 7A4, Lê Hà Vy – 7A5, Nguyễn Vĩnh Hạnh Linh – 8A4, Nguyễn Hoàng Minh – 8A5 – with Teacher  Nicholas and Teacher Bích Thủy as the team leaders.

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The rule of the contest is candidates are given only 20 seconds to spell the right word which has been given by the judge. Therefore, from the very beginning of the contest, it has created an attractive and exciting atmosphere for both candidates and audiences.

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Wellspring students, who have been well trained and well prepared, have shown their strong and confident spirit on the stage.

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Final results:

Vũ Thái Kim Anh – St. Paul School

Đinh Hiểu Minh – Grade 7, Olympia School

Nguyễn Hoàng Minh – Wellspring School

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Speaking about Spelling Bee competition, Nguyễn Hoàng Minh’s father (8A5) said: “We are very happy and feeling honored because Minh has been chosen to the competition and achieved the Third prize. He likes English very much and often practices with his father at home. Thanks the school for giving him the chance to learn and express himself, thanks the teachers who have always been devoted to the students.”

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Spelling Bee 2017 is organized the first time at Olympia School, with the hope of raising friendship and cooperation between international schools in Hanoi area. Besides, the organizer wants to bring a useful and interesting English playground for students as well as giving them the opportunity to meet and learn from each other in an international environment, also students are able to practice the sharp and quick response skill, establish the vocabulary and express confidently their English capability.

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