The Carnival Of “WISHers’ Souls”

As fall arrives, one of the holidays everyone is excited for is Halloween. Here at Wellspring, on the 31st of October, students get to attend special events organized and hosted by Wellspring’s Ambassadors and Student’s Council to celebrate this holiday. As members of the Ambassadors, we would like to take you back to the events of that day through our Passion Recap.

 The 31st of October seemed like an ordinary Tuesday, except all students and teachers of Wellspring came to school in horrifying and seemingly dreadful outfits. The morning went on casually, but after the special buffet lunch, the students and teachers got themselves ready for the Halloween event that all of them have been eagerly waiting for.


Spectacular costumes on Halloween day

At about 1 p.m that day, secondary and high school students and teachers hastened excitedly towards the Passion Hall, where the Carnival of Souls – this year’s Halloween event, was going to be held. As the crowd settled into their seats, the MC – Mr. Quang came on stage to announce the start of the event. Then, he introduced the first activity of the Carnival – the Spook-a-thon competition, a fashion show where grades compete with each other to show off their spooky costumes through a five-minute performance, which could be a dance, a catwalk, etc. On that day, each grade one by one came on stage with well-prepared performances, all of which were spectacular with many impressive and certainly fearsome costumes. In the end, grade 8 won the first prize by a narrow margin. After that, the Halloween fair began and booths were opened. The booths were held by classes, the Ambassadors and Student Council, with a variety of delicious snacks and drinks, as well as fun and entertaining games and activities such as the Escape room, the Tarot reading booth, The Mummy Race or The Mystery Box. The booths were crowded with students and teachers the moment they were open and remained that way until the end of the Carnival.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.58.46 PMSpook-a-thon


Hit the Headmaster


Tarot Reading

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.59.00 PM Tuckshop


Escape Room

Meanwhile, another event was hosted side by side to the Carnival of Souls, the Hallow Oscar Awards. Before Halloween, the Ambassadors announced a contest in which groups or classes make horror movies. The movies were to be submitted to Wellspring Ambassadors’ email, where the teachers of the International Department would judge them and decide on the prizes. The top 10 movies would be shown during the Hallow Oscar Awards event, after which, awards would be given out to well-deserved movies and actors. On the day of the submission deadline, we were very happy as a lot of classes decided to participate and surprised us with their amazing movies, along with the effort they had put into making it. Not only were the movies interesting and quite frightening, but some of them also had a meaning, for instance, bullying. Thus, both the judges and the students and teachers who attended the Hallow Oscar Awards enjoyed them.

The Hallow Oscar Awards was held in the B6 hall. Before the event started, students and teachers waited in line to buy their tickets and get some coke and popcorn. We were cheered up by the number of people who showed up and the excited looks on their faces before entering the hall. After the hall started to fill up, the doors were closed, and the MCs, Doan Bui Anh Duc (7A5) and Tran Viet (6A7) stepped on stage to start the event. A few minutes later, the first movie was introduced and the hall went dead silent as the movie started. Movie after movie was played, and before we knew it, it was time for the award ceremony. The winners one by one walked onto the stage to shake hands with the representatives of the judges and to receive their certificates. They all did a great job and should be very proud of themselves. Congratulations! Overall, the Hallow Oscar Awards was a huge success and all those who attended were very satisfied with the event.

1st prize – Giải nhất: The Demon’s Game (7A5)


2nd prize – Giải nhì: The Flower (10I)


3rd prize – Giải ba: The New Friend (8A3)


Best Screenplay – Kịch bản hay nhất: The Demon’s Game (7A5)

image023Best Visual Effects – Hiệu ứng hình ảnh tốt nhất: Hellspring (6A7)


Best Sound Effects and Music – Hiệu ứng âm thanh và nhạc hay nhất: Thanks Bravery (7A2), The Shadow (7A4)


Best Leading Actress – Nữ diễn viên chính tốt nhất: The Demon’s Game (7A5)


Best Leading Actor – Nam diễn viên chính tốt nhất: Devil in Soulz (9A4)


Best Supporting Actress – Nữ diễn viên phụ tốt nhất: The New Friend (8A3)


Best Supporting Actor – Nam diễn viên phụ tốt nhất: The House (10I)


Best Movie Poster – Poster đẹp nhất: Devil in Soulz (9A4)


People’s Choice – Được khán giả yêu thích nhất: The New Friend (8A3)


In the end, this year’s Halloween event was the most successful comparing to the previous years’.  We hope you enjoyed our Halloween activities. We would like to thank IAWIS and WSC for doing their best to organize the fun activities, alongside all the students who attended the event. Halloween would not have been such a blast without you!

Until next time!


Passion Ambassadors