Diary of a TED-WIS speaker

To decide the topic question based on the topic word was quite hard for me. I thought really much about it and finally, I chose to talk about my grandmother.

Once again, the thought that I couldn’t do it popped out of my head. I was afraid that I would cry again, as usual, when I talked about my grandmother. I can easily control my feelings in many situations but I don’t know why everytime I talk, or just simply think about that great woman, I cannot control myself. It was really hard, but, I decided just to simply write what I thought about her.

After deciding the topic, I started writing my speech. Actually, I was not as easy as I thought. Every time I sat down, started writing, my tears fall down and my hands couldn’t type any letter. But finally, I took all my courage to write my speech. As a result, I cried really loud after finishing it.


Every time I practiced, I had to learn how to control my own emotion. Even I knew that TED-WIS was not a competition, it was an event for you to share your thoughts, your experiences based on the topic word, I didn’t want to cry in front of people. So, I had to try not to cry, and smile and I made it.


The day I had waited finally came. On that day, I woke up, and prepared the best dress to wear. Coming to school, I felt nervous. I didn’t know if I would cry again or not. My emotions were messed up every time a new speaker came on the stage. Then, when the MC called my name, I tried to smile, and tried to control my emotions. I didn’t know how many times I had thought that I had to me the boss of myself, so I had to control everything. I came on the stage where all the lights where shown on me, where all the claps were really loud that helped me to feel more confident. Then, I started my speech: “First, can I ask….” with my happy voice. But, the longer I stood on the stage, the worse my feelings were. As a result, I cried, at the middle of my speech, on the stage like a child. I forgot to say some parts, since I was too emotional. But overall, I completed my speech in “tiếng vỗ tay của mọi người”. Then, I wiped all my tears to prepare for the next cool and secret part.
After the final speech, I got on the stage again, but not as a speaker anymore, I came to the stage as Ms.Aine. Five people, Ngoc, Ha Phuong, Khue Anh, Vu and I acted like the most important people – Ms. Laura, Ocean (where Ms.Trang dropped her phone), Ms.Trang, Mr.Tuan Anh and Ms.Aine – on making TED-WIS to become possible. That small show brought all the hall laugh and happiness.

            After the show, all the Ambassadors and the previous speakers came to the stage to blow the candlelight on the birthday cake and sang the birthday song. Last but not least, all the speakers came to the stage to archive the certificates and trophies. Everything was so nice that I guess that all the students, teachers and parents enjoyed TED-WIS and the 1-year-old birthday. I hope that TED-WIS will forever keep the spirit as a place to share, to show what you really think, to be brave, to be confident and the most important is, TED-WIS has brought the speakers, teachers and parents to be closer and furthermore, as a family.

 Nguyen Minh Ngoc (10i2); Tran Phuong Linh (9A4); Tran Yen Linh (9A4)