Testimonies – Sharings

♦ Anh Duc – Class: 2A3

Last year, I was in 1A1, after a year of school with all the teachers here, I improved a lot. My marks were all 9 or 10, so I was moved up to 2A3 this year. Beside studying, I have also had chance to join the Life skills class. Now, I know how to cover a cut on my finger, and how to clean my ears, nose and throat. I really like going school.

♦ Nguyen Tran Bao Ngoc – Class: 5A4

I remember the first time went to school. I liked to study with my friends right way, class was so interesting and wonderful. Even when I was ill, I still wanted to go to class. I didn’t want to miss Robotics class or English Science. I learnt about Earth’s trajectory, how to specify the Moon’s shadow and phases, and many other interesting topics.

♦ Hoai Anh – Class: 10B2

When I tell people that I want to be a Food commentator, they usually give me strange looks, and aren’t really sure what I mean since this is such a new job in Vietnam. But I have found encouragement at Wellspring by improving my English and joining the Food club.This has made me feel closer to my dream than ever before.

♦ Thu Hang – Class: 10B2

My dream job is to become a pilot. The Bilingual Program at Wellspring has helped me a lot. They have supplied me with knowledge in general and also continuously offered me support in pursuit of my future job. I was taught masterfully to get my certificates in TOEFL and IELTS,…and I even had the chance to take part in a Career Workshop about the Aviation industry right here at school.

♦ Le Sy Ba Nguyen – Class: 1A2

Thanks to all teachers and Wellspring International School, Le Sy Ba Nguyen, from Grade 1, has improved a lot day by day. From being a little boy who was very shy in class and knew no words, to a student, who knows how to read, write, do maths, and, most importantly, has confidence in communicating. This is the delight of all teachers who teach him and wish him success at Wellspring.

♦ Binh Minh  – Class: 4A4

I like to learn Vietnamese beacause I can describe the world around me. Through my lessons about practicing vocabularies and sentences, I am able to use language more fluently. My teachers plan the lessons and use engaging materials which make the lesson more fun. I have learned through Inspire Active board in almost all of my lessons. Vietnamese is very helpful and interesting.

♦ Quang Khai – Class: 5A5

The subject that I like most is science. Nothing is more wonderful than doing experiments yourself and discovering the world around us. From practicing my science skills, I have learned many things and now know how to apply them in reality.

♦ Phuc Nguyen – Class: 4A4

Have you ever heard about the perpetual clock? With clay, images and a marker, we worked together to build a clock. After that, we presented our creation to the class. This activity was so interesting, and it inspired me to study further. I used to think that History and Geography were boring subjects because students had to learn them by heart; however, after taking the classes at

♦ Van Trang – Class: 4A3

Ms. Hai, the dancing teacher, has helped me become more flexible and graceful. She uses exquisite techniques to make the dance moves graceful, like a bird flying in the sky.

♦  Nguyen Tran Bao Ngoc

This school year, my teachers in English are Ms. Lauren, Ms Mai, and Ms. Blanch. I really love the way they teach us all and give us such great activities. Thanks to them, I have had the chance to learn much more about this language. I realize that English, as well as Maths and Science, are so much fun

♦  Van Ngoc – Class: 10B2

My dream is to travel the world. The International Education program at Wellspring has provided me with knowledge on World History; and notably, the Academic English curriculum has set a solid foundation for me to integrate myself in an International environment and become a cosmopolite

Mr. Nguyen Huy Cuong – parent of Nguyen Huy Phan (class 11D1 of the Vietnam-US Double degree program)

I was impressed by the facilities at Wellspring during my very first visit to the school 3 years ago. During that time, I was especially struck by the space for outdoor activities, which is available in few schools here in Hanoi. We live in Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh, quite far from Wellspring; however, distance is not a problem for us because the bus drivers from the school take excellent care of the students. More importantly, our kids are happy and eager to go to school each day. Currently, Huy Phan is studying under the Vietnam – US  Double degree program at Wellspring. We highly appreciate the program because it provides students with in-depth knowledge of US education, which is qualified by prestigous education organizations.

Wellspring pays attention to students as individuals. Although it seems to be a difficult approach, I think it is the right method. I can see that Wellspring has gradually created its own value and style, which will shine through in the students as they progress in the future. I always tell my kids: I do hope and do believe that Wellspring will develop sustainably and will last a long time, with a good reputation both in Vietnam and abroad.

♦  Ms. Ngo Lan Anh – Parent of Elizabeth Pham Ngo Hoang Lan (class 5A4)

During last school year, my daughter achieved a lot, both in studying and outdoor activities. She found success in many areas and this resulted in the First Prize in the TOEFL Primary contest in Hanoi 2014; second prize in the Olympic contest for Primary schools in Hanoi 2015, the third prize in the Chess tournament in Long Bien district 2014, the third prize in the Nam Thanh Cong Chess tournament in 2015, the second prize in swimming contest named “Wellspring’s blue racetrack” in 2014. Additionally, her two paintings, “Edwards’s Pheasant” and “Tibetan bears,” were chosen by WWF to be printed on their 2015 calendar, and were certified as a contribution to education on environmental action by drawing endangered animals in Vietnam.

Ms Trinh Phuong Thuy – parent of Nguyen Thuy Linh (student in Wellspring IFY class)

One of the main ideas that supported my decision of changing schools for my kids from a well-known public school in Hanoi to Wellspring was belief in the School’s leadership, and their devotion to education. Looking back, it has proved to be the right decision. Wellspring has inspired my kids in studying, and “activated” their passion and creativity. After 3 years at Wellspring, they have changed from timid students with medium English proficiency into those who are able to study in Academic English class at the highest level. They have also learned to be proactive in studying with logical methods and granted with a variety of scholarships.

Extracurricular activities and good results have been a significant benefit for Thuy Linh’s CV. Especially when applying for scholarships offered by a wide range of schools, some at a rate of 30 – 50%. Her skills, which were obtained during high school, include teamwork, presenting, IT, and speaking and writing English During this time, her viewpoint on personality and self-value, were highly appreciated by RMIT and BUV Admission Councils especially. They refered to her as a person of love,