Guidance placement test



(For students who register to study in Middle School; International High school, Dual Degrees & Bilingual)


In order to create the best coordination between parents and the school in educating and taking care of students, parents and students will participate in the following tests and interviewing process:

  • Parents and students join the interview with School’s representative to discuss about study capability, characters, talents, mentality, hobbies, health, etc. of students.
  • Testing students’ study capability in two subjects: Math and Literature.
  • Testing students’ current English level for admission and arranging classes.

The interview and tests are performed with the purpose of understanding clearly about students’ characteristics and study capability as well as point of view, demands, and expectations of parents about different perspectives of school’s educational pathway such as Study, Character, Emotion, Psychological, Health, Talent, and Hobbies, etc. That information will help school provide a personalize educational program and suitable educational methods to the students for their full development in these fields:




An enrollment result report card will be sent to students and parents after a maximum of 10 days (from the day students completed the placement tests).


2.1 Math, Literature tests:

  • Students do the Math multiple choice test (15-20 questions): 30-45 minutes (on the computer)
  • Students do the Literature’s reading comprehension test and writing essay: 30-45 minutes (on the computer or paper)

* For students registering in the International Program, according to their study profile, School will test the students from one to three subjects in the following subjects such as Math (Vietnamese or English), Language Capability (Vietnamese or English), English as Second Language (ESL).

  • Convention about the assessment of Math and Literature study capability:


2.2. English capability test

The purpose of English test at Wellspring is to assess capability of a student to use English, which is from Beginner to Pre-intermediate level for grade 6 students and from Beginner to Advance for grade 7 to grade 12students.

English assessment test is designed pursuant to examination standard of CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT (CELA, which was called ESOL before year 2013. Wellspring is presently an authorized testing English center (code VN550). The test aims to assess general knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, comprehensive reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of the student through direct interview.

The test is used to assess students’ level at the time of taking the test. For students who register in the same grade, they receive the same exam test.

Based on the English test results, the student is then classified into the class which is adequate to his/her English level (in the same grade) to ensure that the student learns in an English teaching program with a level and schedule appropriate to student’s current level in order to help him/her to improve.

  • Example of a tentative class classification based on English level for Grade 6

Pre-Intermediate High

Class A4, A5, A6

*Note: In special case, a student in Class A0 can be moved to Class A1 if the number of students in Class A0 is too small. Therefore, such subjects as English, Maths, Science, and ICT, students will be arranged to self-study in a small separate group. Students in this case are required to pay a fee based on School regulations.

Pre – Intermediate Low

Class A3

Elementary High

Class A2

Elementary Low

Class A1


Class A0

Regarding such subjects as Maths, Science, ICT which belong to International Program in Wellspring, the lowest requirement for English level that students must meet in each Grade are specified as following:

  • Indicators for minimum English level to study Maths, Science, ICTanh-mathNote:
  • If English level of a student is not adequate enough to study such subjects as ICT, Science, Maths in his/her Grade, that student will study that subject with lower syllabus compared to the class that he/she is taking, based on the number of students. For instance, a student is arranged at Elementary High level, Grade 8, he/she should study ICT syllabus and Science syllabus of Grade 7 (Because the English requirements for ICT and Science for student in Grade 8 is Pre-Intermediate).
  • If the English level of a student is two levels lower compared to regulations of Maths, Science, ICT, he/she will arrange to study ESP (English for Specific Purpose) program until he/she meets subjects’ requirements.


Step 1: Parents come to sign up and receive the information about placement testing of Wellspring International Bilingual School. Parents register to schedule the placement test for their child.

Step 2: Parents take their child to the school in accordance of the schedule to do the placement test and interview.

Step 3: Enrolment department will send the Enrolment Result Report Card and Confirmation of Eligibility to Study (if meeting the requirements) to parents after a maximum of 10 days.

Step 4: Parents complete the admission procedure which follows the guidance of Enrolment department if the student is accepted to study and decides to study at Wellspring International Bilingual School.