Creativity opens our life (C-0-0-L)





Dear Wellspring students and distinguished parents,

One of fundamental educational principles of Wellspring school is to promote students’ creativity, independent learning skills and research skills. Creativity Opens Our Life (C-O-O-L) Contest, an essay contest first launched in the 2015-2016 academic year, received great enthusiasm from students as well as parents’ support. C-O-O-L Contest has formally become an annual contest and one of the most important extracurricular activities for Middle school and High School students.

cool-ol-01Creativity has always been highlighted as one of the core values of Wellspring and this academic year’s message “From student, By Students” aims to further promote students’ independent thinking, creativity through the journey of self- exploration, goal setting, searching for real passion. This is also in line with many families’ emphasis on continuous learning, bravery in coping with challenges, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership in numerous fields as core value. Wellspring School has, therefore, chosen the theme “OVERSAES STUDY AND CAREER ORIENTATION” for this school year C-O-O-L Contest.

Participating in the Contest provides you with wonderful opportunities to gather knowledge, determining your real passion and possibilities of future career, increase connection with the school, and your own families when you are researching about your parents’ careers, preparing for the journey of overseas study while being secondary students. This is also a great playing field for you to develop your group work skills, research skills, analytical skills, presentation skills, writing skills and creativity.

One of determining factors of C-O-O-L contest success is participation of parents. With this year’s theme: OVERSEAS STUDY AND CAREER ORIENTATION, the school really hopes that Wellspring parents will encourage your children to sign up for the contest, and support us in organizing career orientation workshops,  field trips at your companies and so on in order to aid students in gathering data for the contest. Please find the attached document for the contest rules and prizes.

Wellspring International School would like to express our sincere thanks to all parents’ for your companionship in supporting your children’s academic journey.

Wellspring Essay Contest 2016-2017 Creativity Opens Our Life (C-O-O-L)

Registration Form for Students

Registration Form for Parents

Rubrics for writing and presentation