Message from the Head of Schools

Welcome to Wellspring International Bilingual School Hanoi, our task is to “Ignite the passion for life” within each student.


Ms Le Tue Minh – General Director – Head of Wellspring School

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, once said: “We all have desire for knowledge. The first condition is to see the world through the eyes of a child, when everything is bright, new, shining and full of surprises”. Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince, also once wrote: “There’s a Mozart, sleeping tight, inside every child”.

The start of our school began from such an awareness about potential ability in each kid. Children have their own creative way to look at the world and everything. Every day to them is a completely new day. Children are full of talents, potential and passion. They are like an inexhaustible source of energy which should be explored, developed and nurtured, so one day they can become useful individuals in the future.

The goal of Wellspring is to accompany them on their self-discovery path.

Our school name: Wellspring (source of energy) with our slogan: Igniting a passion for life reflects our aspirations: Unleash the potential in each student. Education is no longer simply conveying theoretical knowledge. Education here is to inspire passion for learning, teaching students with creativity and vision which are not inferior to any education systems in the world.


Wellspring always accompanies the students on their self-discovery path.

Their intellectual capacity will be established based on “Knowledge – Intellectual”, “Personality – Soul” and “Energy – Emotion”.

We expect to train Wellspring student generations with exceptional qualities such as: Knowledge, Independent thinking and Confidence, Adaptability, Enthusiasm and Motivation.

Wellspring is not only a school but also a happy learning environment.  Everything from learning spaces to learning program is designed and built for children, for the happiness of learning, creativity and exploration. At Wellspring, students will be living in a loving environment where they are cared for not only from teachers but also from all of the staff.

Wellspring provides not only an educational product but also a happy learning environment, we help children to get interested in learning, growing and developing in happiness.