Bilingual Primary School

The curriculum combined between the Standard Knowledge Program of Vietnam MOET (Ministry of Education and Training), the Standard Cambridge International Program and the Soft-skill program equip an outstanding knowledge basis… Detail

Bilingual Middle School

Vietnamese Program is optimally balanced with International Program, Programs of Social and Personal Development, and Exchange Program at partner schools in UK, Australia, US for a bright futureDetail  

International Foundation Year and University Guidance counseling

University Foundation teaching roadmap which matches the entry requirements of International Universities and Counseling Study Abroad program maximize the ability to study in top 100 Universities in the world… Detail  

International High School

Bring to students and parents many opportunities to approach advanced and modern educational environment… Detail

Biligual & Dual-Degree High School

Wellspring is the first high school in Vietnam performs the Vietnam – US Double-Degree High-school Program and Bilingual Credit US… Detail

Upcoming Events

Continuous updating the exciting upcoming events of Wellspring group, team, club… Detail

Parents’ Corner

Sharing corner with high interaction between parents and the school about every aspect of school life… Detail

School Life

Marking the emotions of each journey of Wellspring students… Detail

Why Wellspring?

   Parent Testimonials


Mr. Nguyen Khac Minh – Parent of Nguyen Minh Vu – Class 10AD (school year 2016 – 2017): School has given Vu knowledge, English, supported him preparing scholarship profile, and taught him skills to adapt with scholarship application as well as study abroad skills for the future… Family and School have always encouraged, been beside Vu in his study journey. Thank you teachers and the school.

  Everyday happiness at school


“Every school day is a joyful day” – It’s the motto of Wellspring Bilingual International School and is the wish of every Teachers to their students. Each day in school, students and teachers together study, explore new knowledge horizon, and sharing happiness and joyful things in life.


Đào Khánh Linh

Dao Khanh Linh – Class: 11I1 (school year 2016 – 2017): Full Scholarship for IGCSE Year 2 After all, creativity is all about learning and having yourself an inspiration, and in my case, it comes from my father. If creativity is a gift from God, then my father is an angel who leads me the way. Creativity is like a flower; you either take care of it and let it blossom, or let it die



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